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New Scores at Eastside Holsteins

Eastside Holsteins in Charlottetown, PEI had a great round of scoring with the classifier earlier this week! Herd totals are now: 15ME 13EX 43VG 13GP

Eastside Doc pepper VG-86
Eastside Seabiscuit Polly VG-86
Eastside Thunderstruck Boo VG-85
Eastside Boom Alana VG-85
Eastside Mirand Boo-boo VG-85
Eastside Lewisdale Amarillo VG-85
Eastside Lewisdale Abercrombie VG-85

2nd Lactation Cows
Eastside Kingpin Odelia VG-89 (max score)
Eastside LG Haniko Tanya VG-88
Eastside Denver Oneilly VG-87

New Excellent Cows
Eastside Emilio Fay EX-92
Eastside LG Hope Riley EX-90

Excellent Cows moved up in score
Eastside Lady Jacoby EX-92 2E
Lewisdale Eastside Brady Supra EX-93 3E

Eastside Applicable Outlook EX-92 2E
Eastside Lewisdale High Missy EX-90 2E
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