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New Scores at Bridon Farms

Bridon Farms in Paris, ON recently scored cows and has some outstanding new scores to report from their Jersey herd!

1st Lactation:
Bridon V Kiwi VG-88
Bridon VIP Emmalynn VG-87
Bridon V Clara VG-87
Bridon Fizz Noelle VG-86
Bridon Joyride Anytime VG-86
Bridon Fizz Grape VG-86
Bridon PNV Erractic VG-85
Bridon Swag Prune VG-85
Bridon Frank Tango VG-85
Bridon Contour Viscosity GP-84
Bridon VIP Emersyn GP-83
Bridon Web Vera GP-83

2nd Lactation:
Bridon Coaltrain Entertain VG-88
Bridon Colton Viper VG-87
Bridon BA Embrace VG-85

3rd (+) Lactation:
Bridon Val Silk EX-94-5E
Bridon Spinster Energy EX-93-5E
Bridon Gray Sky EX-92-4E
Bridon Grand Enterance EX-93-3E
Bridon Colton Trample EX-93-3E
Bridon Colton Valve EX-92-3E
Bridon Colton Callie EX-92-2E
Bridon Casino Valerie EX-92-2E
Bridon Colton Achieve EX-92-2E
Bridon VIP Enrole EX-92-2E
Bridon Colton Volt EX-91-3E
Bridon PNV Intro EX-91-2E
Bridon Herman Nancy EX-91
Bridon Chrome Surge EX-91
Bridon Casino Plum EX-91
Bridon J Vision EX-90-3E
Bridon Edwin Crystal EX-90-2E
Bridon Joy Odessa EX-90
Bridon PNV Emma EX-90
Bridon SS Viddles EX-90
Spruce Briar Joel Tammy VG-88
Bridon J Bett VG-87
Bridon Chrome Grown VG-85
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