NEW MooMonitor+ App wins Best New Product Innovation Award at UK Dairy Day

NEW MooMonitor+ App wins Best New Product Innovation Award at UK Dairy Day

Putting the power of Herd Management in your hands, while eliminating hours of paperwork on the farm…

The latest App from Dairymaster – the MooMonitor+ is the newest stage in the evolution of Dairymaster’s ground-breaking MooMonitor+ health and fertility monitoring system. This cutting edge technology has been honoured at UK Dairy Day in Telford, Shropshire as the Best New Product Innovation Award

The judges were so impressed with Dairymaster that they also awarded them best stand. This App works in tandem with the MooMonitor+ collar, and no matter how big the herd is this App has the power to ID animals that need their attention, anytime, anywhere. The visual picture of their herd allows them to easily identify cows when they are in heat, ill or simply not thriving.

Fergus O’ Meara, International Business Development Manager says “We are delighted to have won such a prestigious award today for the MooMonitor+ App. It is a powerful tool to help farmers make the right decision at the right time, which is getting more and more important as herd sizes increase”.

The dashboard of the two-way App gives a very visual, easy to read update of what is currently going on with the herd and what needs to be done. It classifies the animals and allows farmers to manage each individual cow’s health and fertility easily.

One of the advanced unique features of the App is that it provides farmers with Live Behaviour Graphs mapping multiple kinds of behaviour relative to other cows within the group. The MooMonitor+ App can be used to assess each cow or the number of animals affected together and for how long.

When the system detects sick cows it will send an immediate notification direct to the farmer’s mobile allowing them to intervene sooner. Veterinarians or AI technicians can have access to farms and can even monitor several farms on their mobile.

Even assigning a collar to the cow is an easy task with the App. By simply swiping the tag with a compatible phone, the smart technology allows for the cow’s ear tag number to be entered immediately onto the system removing the need to go back to the PC.

The innovative technology also allows for information about tasks/events carried out on farm, such as insemination, pregnancy check, Body Condition Score, health event, dry off and more to be directly uploaded via the App. It is even possible to do real time drafting with the App.

One of the other unique things about this App, is information is re-computing every 15 minutes, therefore the farmer has up the minute information about the herd. The data is eight times more granular than most systems on the market and contains more measurements of animal behaviour than other systems.

The MooMonitor+ measures the intensity of activity and classifies it into three different intensities (other systems only have one intensity) and it also knows the number of seconds of resting, feeding and rumination for each 15 minutes of the day. Again most comparable systems have these in two hour intervals.

This advanced App is designed for both Apple and Android phones. Much like Facebook, the easy-to-use MooMonitor+ App software is cloud based and is accessible from anywhere in the world on an unlimited number of devices and platforms across multiple languages which is connected to the internet via a secure login.

For further information please contact: Lisa Herlihy, Marketing Manager, [email protected] +353 (0)87952 9291 or Mary Mulvihill, Marketing Executive, [email protected] +353 (0)87 932 8832
Photo caption: Dairymaster team celebrates as MooMonitor+ App impresses the judges and wins Best New Product at UK Dairy Day. L-R Ed Costerton, Lisa Herlihy, Suzanne Potter, Fergus O’ Meara Ted McGrath, Jason Houldey, Niall O’ Hanlon & Hughie Williams

Editor’s Note
UK Dairy Day is organized by Holstein UK and is a dedicated annual one day event for the dairy industry held at the International Centre, Telford which is close to Birmingham at a key time of the year when plans and decisions are being made for the winter. Major sponsors include Barclays Bank, Cogent, NWF Agriculture and Eprinex.
Dairymaster is a world market leader for dairy equipment with customers in more than 40 countries, including Britain, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and the USA.

*Dairymaster was awarded Innovation Awards for the MooMonitor+ at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, National Ploughing Championships and at the Hungarian Great Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Exhibition and the 2015/216 Farm Business Cream awards in Britain for innovation.

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