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New Holstein Canada Website to be launched this week

Excitement has been building since the announcement was made in April that Holstein Canada members could expect a new website this fall. The new website is ready to go live and members, industry partners, and visitors can expect to see the new website up and running in the coming week.

Several months of research, hard-work, and testing have gone into the overhaul of The website will have a brand-new look and feel, and the overall functionality of the site will be vastly improved. Users will notice significant improvements made to existing web functions as well as the addition of new features. Information will be easier to find with everything within two to three clicks away from the homepage.

While the main facelift of the site will go live imminently, continuous improvements to add additional new features will continue to take place. More updates and improvements will be shared as Holstein Canada continues to roll out Look forward to seeing the new and improved when it is launched on Monday, October 28th.


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