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New Generation Genetics Bulls see Massive Success after the Genetic Evaluations in December

New Generation Genetics has written and provided the following release after the December 2020 Proof round. 

Following the release of the December 2020 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, PPR, & Profitability.

BMG Lust GET LUCKY held his spot as the breed’s #1 proven bull for milk and protein pounds at a remarkable +2578M, +57P, and +56F to go along with it. He remains in the top 10 Proven bulls ranking #3 at +146PPR.

Hilltop Acres B DAREDEVIL added nearly 100 daughters to his proof and continues his reign as the #1 proven type bull in the Brown Swiss breed at +0.80 and an exceptional udder composite of +1.22.

Jo-Lane Dario HAMPTON, the #2 proven PPR bull at 149, continues to create profitable cows through his outstanding health traits and daughter fertility with +5.8PL, +2.66SCS and +1.7DPR. He also ranks #2 for Net Merit and #2 for productive life.

Switzer Tals Pyssli DARIO, the sire of HAMPTON, claimed his title as the top proven PPR, Net Merit and productive life bull in the breed at +161PPR, +480NM$ and +6.1PL. He also provides great production at +968M and +40P.

La Rainbow Sweet SALSA ETV *TM ranks #2 for G-type at +1.0. He offers type without sacrificing production at +1330M +44F, +41P.

La Rainbow Sweet SPARK *NP ETV *TM, the polled bull hailing from the same maternal line as SALSA, is the top polled genomic bull for type and udder composite at +0.8T, +1.14UDC, +0.6DPR, and +732M.

Triangle Acres Carter JUKE is ranked #4 for G-type at +0.80. He also provides +1.22UDC, +292M, +1.0DPR +4.2PL. JUKE is now available in preferred sexed.

We also offer the CHAMPIONS COLLECTION elite sire lineup including 54BS600 WINRITE, 54BS602 FIRST CHOICE, 54BS539 RICHARD, 54BS581 RASTA, 54BS568 FAST & FURIOUS, and 54BS548 WINNING FORMULA.

New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S. For further information call 920-568-0554, visit our Facebook page, email [email protected] or visit our website. 

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