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New Generation Genetics Bulls Lead the Way Following the Genetic Evaluations in December

Following the release of the December 2019 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, PPR, & Profit.

54BS557 BMG Lust GET LUCKY *TM had himself an impressive industry leading day. As the number one milk bull, he has jumped over 400 pounds to +2599 Milk. At +54 Fat, +52 Protein, NM$ $401, with a PPR at 181, he will add loads of milk to your tank. He is the #4 SCR bull at +2.4.

54BS544 Switzer Tals Pyssli DARIO ET *TM leads the breed in PPR with 209 as a proven bull. Hailing from a deep production family, he is the #1 NM$ at $518, #1 Profit Proven bull at PL +4.9 with Protein at +55/.03% and Fat at +51/-.01%.

54BS558 Hilltop Acres B DAREDEVIL ET *TM continues his reign as the #1 Type proven bull in the industry at +1.4. His first fresh daughters are confirming his lofty type and udder composite numbers. He is the #5 UDC proven bull at +1.46. The story is just beginning and you can still get in on this exciting bull!

54BS482 Voelkers TD CARTER *TM continues to add more new daughters and was named the Premier Sire of the 2019 World Dairy Expo for the second year in a row. Carter’s type proof continues at +1.3 Type, +1.17 UDC, +0.7 Mobility. Carter’s production proof is now +1209m +33f +27p and 93 PPR.

54BS596 Hilltop Acres Dynamite DIEGO ET *TM is the new #1 G-Type bull in the breed and comes out at a historic +1.8 type! He is from the same family as Daredevil and is #5 for G-UDC at +1.80. Diego is a Dynamite son from and EX Glenn x EX Vigor x EX Premium x and All American.

54BS597 Pine-Tree SVR SANDSTORM ETV *TM is a new Genomic Gem that is from the #1 G-PPR cow in the breed and former #1 G-PPR heifer. This is a brand-new cow family and bull mother with an outcross opportunity. Sandstorm is the first Silver son on the market at 181 PPR, NM$ $424 with +1144 Milk, +55 Fat and +44 Protein.
54BS595 Cozy Nook Carl TREK *TM is one of new most popular bulls worldwide. He combines Top 5 PPR at 203, high production +1530M +45f +43p, high type +1.0 and health traits+3.9PL, 2.86SCS, NM$ $489 that his family easily translates. He is also available in Preferred Sex.

We also offer the CHAMPIONS COLLECTION elite sire lineup including 54BS539 RICHARD, 54BS581 RASTA, 54BS568 FAST & FURIOUS, 54BS521 KINGSMAN, 54BS548 WINNING FORMULA and 54BS567 WATCHOUT.
New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S. For further information call 920-568-0554, visit our Facebook page, email [email protected] or visit New Generation Genetics.


Release provided by New Generation Genetics

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