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New Generation Genetics Bulls Lead the Way Following the Genetic Evaluations in December

Following the release of the April 2021 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics’ topped the charts for PPR, G-PPR, and polled genetics.

BMG Lust GET LUCKY continues to make profitable daughters and has claimed the title of #1 proven sire for PPR, NM$, milk, and protein at +159PPR, +341NM$, an incredible +2743M, and +62P. GET LUCKY is available in Preferred Sex Semen. We are excited to welcome his son, LUCKY CARL to our proven line-up.

Kulp-Terra LUCKY CARL followed in the footsteps of his sire upon graduation with his outstanding production. He ranks #1 for fat and #2 for protein and milk at +67F, +48P, and +1924M. In addition, he ranks #5 for PPR, NM$ and SCR with +129PPR, +306NM$, and +1.4SCR.

R-Hart Atlantas ALL-IN has proven to be a practical choice for production, type, and fertility. His daughters are calving in with exceptional udders to reflect his +0.78UDC and +0.5T. His +328M is complimented by positive component percentages. He is a member of DPR Stars line-up at +1.7DPR.

We are very excited to publicly release PACTOLE on June 6th, 2021 as the #1 G-PPR bull. This French bull packs exciting numbers for some of our most important traits including +2.1DPR, +50P, +527NM$ and +1048M. This places him as #3 for NM$ and #5 for protein.

Trout Hilltop JORDY NP is an impressive new polled bull that has immediately risen to the top of the polled charts. He ranks #1 for PPR, NM$, UDC, #2 for fat, and #3 for NM$. To add to the excitement, he is a favorable outcross pedigree for polled animals as he is sired by the popular Swissgenetics bull Victor-P.

Portmann BS Bays JONMAR is an exciting offering from Swissgenetics. Jonmar’s +1.6DPR, +4.6PL, and 2.72SCS help boost him to the #3 ranking for G-PPR. He is an udder specialist at +1.21UDC.

Triangle Acres Carter JUKE has continued to climb in rankings and provides an excellent combination of type and fertility. He ranks #2 for type at +0.9T and #5 for udder composite at +1.20UDC. With +0.8DPR and +1.5SCR, JUKE is sure to be a hit for anyone pursuing a show ring winner with positive fertility. JUKE is available in Preferred Sex Semen.

We carry an assortment of bulls in Preferred Sexed semen including CADENCE, DAREDEVIL, DIEGO, HAMPTON, POWERBALL, SILVER, SPARK, and TREK. Members from our CHAMPIONS COLLECTION are also available in Preferred Sex semen. This includes FAST & FURIOUS, FIRST CHOICE, and RASTA.

New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S. For further information call 920-568-0554, visit our Facebook page, email [email protected] or visit our website.


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