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New ExcelGen sire is outstanding for production and type

A son of the highly rated Holstein Bookem transmitting outstanding milk, fat and protein along with over three points for type has joined Cogent Breeding’s newly re-branded ExcelGen genomic sire line-up.

Cogent Diego is a young sire with exceptional breeding potential whose pedigree and genomic index have generated keen international interest.

Out of the French heifer, Daisy, which gave 12,100kg in her first (305 day) lactation, Diego’s index is a reflection of her exceptional production. On a UK base, his Predicted Transmitting Ability for milk weighs in at +938kg (1,841lbs in the USA) with 28kg fat and 27.9kg protein, while his BB genotype for kappa casein is a further attraction amongst those selling milk for cheese.

His type is equally impressive at PTAT +3.08 which reflects his outstanding transmission of udder conformation (+2.73), with exceptionally high, wide rear udders, and his great body traits of width, depth and dairy strength. Feet, legs and locomotion are also outstanding and he scores well for the all-important health and fitness traits, earning him a positive daughter Lifespan Index of +0.3. His Profitable Lifetime Index – a key breeding goal in the UK – is £214, earning him a place amongst the esteemed ‘200 club’.

Diego’s dam, Daisy, resides at GAEC De La Pommiere in south-eastern France and is one Europe’s highest GTPI Baxter daughters. Bred from the Naurine family, his fourth dam, Naurine EX90, was the number one index cow in France for seven consecutive index runs!

“We’re delighted to have Diego in our ExcelGen portfolio as consistently good breeding runs deep through his pedigree,” says Tom Peters, from Cogent’s international department. “His maternal sister by Man-O-Man, Feinte Pom VG87 (VG88 mammary) 2yr, is breeding high index sons and daughters in France and beyond, while a branch of the same cow family produced the popular French bull, Vaucluse.

Cogent Diego 140114-03
Cogent Diego
Daisy (Baxter) - Diego dam - GAEC de la Pommiere FR4241304691
Daisy (Baxter) – Diego dam – GAEC de la Pommiere FR4241304691

“We’re already exporting Diego to major dairying nations around the world where his potential to produce high type as well as longevity and production have been widely recognised,” he says.
For more information on Diego, please visit or contact Cogent export manager, Tom Peters on +44 1244 622 000 or [email protected]

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