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New Affordable Product for Fast Acting Pain Relief in Cattle

Solvet, a new Canadian company that manufactures animal health products in Canada, has launched Meloxicam Oral Suspension, a revolutionary product for fast acting pain relief in cattle. With the launch of Meloxicam Oral Suspension, Solvet is offering producers a new solution to an old problem by ensuring cattle receive humane treatment for pain management. 

Meloxicam Oral Suspension is an innovative, new product that provides safe, effective and affordable pain medication that ensures every animal has access to effective pain relief. The orally administered formulation is liquid and developed to help manage symptoms in cattle of all ages to prevent pain resulting from injuries, lameness, illness, calving difficulties and surgical procedures. The new oral formulation is rapidly absorbed and offers outstanding duration of therapeutic pain relief lasting up to 56 hours.

“At Solvet, we are driven by the requests of our clients and there has been an increase in demand regarding the care and handling of cattle,” said Dr. Merle Olson DVM, MSc, VP Research and Development, Solvet. “As of the new year, the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle will require producers to use pain control in consultation with a veterinarian to mitigate pain. Meloxicam Oral Suspension is the first medication in Canada with a label claim for reducing pain associated with castration, and is offered at a competitive price.”

Meloxicam Oral Suspension is the result of Canadian research into a fast, long acting and convenient approach to pain management that addresses industry needs set by the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef and Dairy Cattle. The oral administration of Meloxicam Oral Suspension provides rapid and long lasting therapeutic levels of pain relief and is easy to administer with no needles required. The formulation is given as a drench for accurate dosage and convenient delivery.

“When you provide pain prevention for cattle and reduce their stress level, they will maximize productivity,” said Dr. Denis Nagel, Veterinary Consultant. “The trial work done on Meloxicam Oral Suspension has proven to have positive effects on cattle, and is easy to administer for producers. By minimizing pain and stress in cattle, dairy and beef producers can help provide the optimal environment to achieve their production goals.”

For more information about Solvet and Meloxicam Oral Suspension,contact your local veterinarian.

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