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Netherland Young Breeders Are Stronger Together

Due to the corona measures, the 2020 HHH show had already been cancelled early but nevertheless, the organization tried to organize several substitute activities for our members. One of those activities was the Young Breeders photo competition, where all members could submit their own photo. The 12 best photos then won a place on the Young Breeders birthday calendar.

“Together we are strong!” This photo was submitted by Twente Holsteins for the Young Breeders photo competition. 

Twente Holsteins consists of Young Breeders members who all come from Twente (a region in the east of the Netherlands) and is a group of young fanatic show lovers. Instead of participating individually in the photo competition, they chose to send in a group entry with this beautiful photo as a result.

“Twente Holsteins with Big Superstar 69 (Tequila x Lightning x Lucky Leo x Pinkpop) FC Twente EX 91 and Liesje 22 (Brilliant x Improver x Fabian x Kian) Heracles EX 91. Among the Young Breeders, we have been known for years as a fanatical and mainly sociable group of Twente youngsters; better known as “Twente Holsteins”!

“Since the first participation in the HHH-show in 2009, we have grown to a group of 33 young people aged 11 to 28 years. The love for cows and shows is at the heart of our friendship and results in a close bond between us. This is the key to a great success at the HHH show each and every year. We may not get the highest results at the HHH-show, but for us, the fun of participating in the show together and helping each other in doing so is many times more important! So that’s why we also wanted to participate in the photo competition with a photo where our motto: “Together we are strong” is clearly visible.

“The background of this photo is twofold. On the one hand we radiate the strength and pride of what Twente has to offer during the Corona time. These are namely our regional football clubs: FC Twente and Heracles, as they are the only ones from Twente who are allowed to “battle it out” on a national level.”

“Now we have Liesje 22 (the world’s first cowfluencer) on board, as she turned out to be a big Heracles fan! And as the photo nicely shows, competition and friendship can go very well together, because in the same barn there was also the huge FC Twente supporter Big Superstar 69 present! So even with a little battle within Twente itself, the love for our region and each other will always be greater, whether this is on the football fields or during the HHH-show. Because we miss the social gathering during shows or other gatherings, we have therefore taken this group photo with extra pleasure!”

Thank you to the Young Breeder Association for sharing the story behind the photo with Cowsmo! 

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