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Net Merit to Be Updated in August

The CDCB Board approved an update to the Net Merit selection indices, effective for the next triannual evaluations on August 10, 2021.

In this decision, the CDCB Board considered input from several organizations and committees, including a joint meeting of the Genetic Evaluation Methods (GEM) and Producer Advisory Committee (PAC) with the CDCB Board.

The Net Merit formula update will include the Feed Saved and Heifer Livability traits launched in December 2021, along with updated economic values. The goal is to use the most current research so that CDCB indices are a premier predictor of dairy animal profit potential on modern dairy farms.

This 2021 Net Merit update will certainly be a significant advancement in dairy cattle breeding. CDCB will execute a comprehensive communication plan with information materials and sources for dairy producers, as well as the organizations and representatives that serve producers worldwide.

Watch for more details soon through CDCB Connection, dairy publications and various communication channels.

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