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Nestlé to invest additional $3 million into the dairy industry

Nestlé plans to invest an additional $3 million in the dairy industry between now and 2020, having already invested $2 million over the last five years.

Nestlé’s dairy development initiatives range from free artificial insemination services, pregnancy diagnosis and the monitoring of sub-clinical mastitis in dairy cattle, to a special mulatto grass programme to improve the quality of forage. The company also invests directly in dairy infrastructure.

Head of Market and Food Production at Nestlé, Patricio Torres, noted the company has a 103-year history in TT and has been manufacturing here for 58 years.

“In fact, our history in the milk manufacturing business began when Dr Eric Williams asked us to help develop the dairy industry.

That is a legacy of which we are very proud,” Torres told Rambharat.

Nestlé, in a statement yesterday, said the minister was very receptive to its plan of action and is confident the initiative would see increased production of fresh milk in the next few years. “I have been meeting with the dairy farmers regularly over the past months and I can assure you that these initiatives will be very well received by the industry.

The ministry is very supportive of these measures,” Rambharat said.


Source: Trinidad & Topago Newsday

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