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National Jersey Circuit 2018 awards the great champions of the Jersey breed

The Jersey Breeders Association of Brazil announced the great champions at the National Circuit of Jersey Breed 2018 – NCJB. The awards ceremony was held on Saturday (24/11), in Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil, and it consecrated SRC Farms, who won a total of 13 titles in the competition, including the Grand Champion award. Surena Giller Tenfen EX-95, owned by Nelson Eduardo Ziehlsdorff, became the 2nd Champion of the National Circuit. She is the only cow in Brazil to win two stages of the competition within the same year. In recent years, Surena’s been collecting titles at the country’s main exhibitions, among them were the Festa do Leite, Feagro and the NCJB stages.

Surena Giller Tenfen EX-95

Jersey Breeders since 1995, Ziehlsdorff credits the success of Surena and other animals of SRC Farms in the shows to the constant investments that they have been focusing on in genetics and the use of the most modern selection tools.

“During 2018, Surena competed with more than 500 Jersey cattle.. I don’t think any cow has been tested in this way for the past 10 years in Brazil. Surena’s being prepared to keep showing in 2019 and will participate in an aspiration program.”  says Nelson.

Surena closed her fifth lactation with 9,453.00 kg of milk – 4.78% fat and 3.98% protein. In short, this excellent cow was 3x champion of the Festa do Leite, 3x Supreme of the Breed in Presidente Getúlio, 3x Champion of the Festa do Colono, in Itajaí- Supreme of the Breed, 2x National Champion at the Braço do Norte and National Champion stage of Itajaí 2018.

Other breeding females that won important titles were:

  • Marisol Comérica do Vô Guilherme, National Reserved Champion Young Female 2018 SRC
  • SRC Tina Marie I Pod do Vô Guilherme – TE VG-88, National Reserved Champion Young Cow. She was also the National Reserve Champion Cow 2018 as a Senior 2 year old and the National Reserve Champion Young Cow 2018.  Tina Marie VG-88 is part of a partnership with Cabanha Ypoti.

Located in Indaial, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, SRC Farms has the largest private donor project in South America. The donor project works with both Jersey and Holstein breeds, importing more than 300 embryos each year. The Farm has also been investing in sanitary control with a responsible veterinarian, as well as constant Embryo Transfer and In Vitro Fertilization programs. According to the owner, the purpose of the projects is to multiply the best animals, either in production or genomic index.

“All of us, breeders and producers of milk, always aim to create and multiply good animals with health, longevity and functional type, and that generate financial results for the property. The Jersey Breed has proven to be an excellent alternative to achieve this goal,” says Nelson who is also the CEO of the Cattle Breeders’ Association of Santa Catarina, which brings together breeders from Jersey and Holstein, and owner of the Semex Brazil.



Provided by: SRC Farms

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