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National Dairy Study 2015

As  you may be aware, Dairy Cluster 2 has approved funding of a National Dairy Study of Canadian dairy herds to begin in 2015. This study will be similar in scope to the National Animal Health Management Systems (NAHMS) dairy studies that have been undertaken in the United States (1996, 2201, 2007 and now currently underway in 2014) by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

NAHMS studies have historically provided a wealth of information on management issues, disease prevalence and control, and production benchmarks. It is exciting that we now have the opportunity to undertake a country-wide study that will reflect the unique qualities of our own dairy industry.

Since every study is limited by time and funds, it is essential that prioritization of the desired areas of focus be established. While we have the advantage of the NAHMS studies as a guide, the Canadian dairy industry has some very unique characteristics and needs. Therefore, it is essential that the Canadian producers and their allied organizations/industries be consulted as we establish the overall study objectives. This will result in a study that is reflective of the needs of those directly involved in the industry and encourage current and future participation.

Please complete this 10-minute on-line survey available at:

The survey is voluntary, no identifying information will be collected, and the database and survey company are both Canadian.
Surveys must be completed by May 1, 2014. Once the survey is closed, the data will be summarized, analyzed and made available to the participating organizations. The results will influence the breadth and depth of the national study, the numbers of animals/farms that will be asked to participate and the focal areas of study in 2015.

Thank you for your time.
Any questions can be directed to Dr. David Kelton at[email protected].

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