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Mystique Extreme Apricot Named Holstein Canada 2023 Cow Of The Year

The 2023 Holstein Canada Cow of the Year was announced last week at the National Holstein Convention in Hamilton, Ontario and the honor was bestowed on Mystique Extreme Abricot! A 9-year-old cow scored EX-94-3E from eleven Very Good & Excellent dams that total 93* brood cow stars among them, Abricot already has 7* of her own. She has six Excellent and three Very Good daughters, and is the granddam of several bulls in AI.

No slouch on the production side of things, Abricot has over 104,000 kgs of milk in six lactations with a 4.1% butterfat and 3.3% protein, and has four Superior Lactation Awards. Her lifetime BCA average is: 311 343 321. She is bred and owned by Ferme Mystique of Mirabel, Quebec, where she is a herd favorite. “For us, she is the ideal cow – an Excellent cow over 100,000 kgs lifetime for milk! She is having a tremendous impact on our herd through her descendants and through the sires from her bloodline.”

Sire: Silverridge V Extreme
Dam: Mystique McCutchen April EX93-2E 3*
2nd: Mystique Gerard Artiste VG-88-4yr 14*
3rd: Mystique Goldwyn Arabi EX-90-2E 12*
4th: Mystique Titantic Arabella VG-88-2yr 4*
5th: Mystique Integrity Amelie EX-94-3E 13*
6th: Mystique Storm Arabel EX-90-6E 14*
7th: Roycedale Lindy Angel VG-87 4*
8th: Roycedale Starbuck Aster VG-86
9th: Roycedale Sheik Adreinne EX 19*
10th: Roycedale Telstar Alice VG-88 10*
11th: Roycedale Persus Alice EX

Award photo credit: Holstein Canada
Abrioct photo credit: Sheila Sundborg

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