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Mycogen Seeds Offers New Silage Corn Hybrids for 2015

Mycogen Seeds is announcing for the 2015 growing season 22 new BMR and TMF corn silage hybrids, many of which feature SmartStax® Refuge Advanced® trait technology.

“We are excited to continue to offer producers silage hybrids that are specifically designed to improve dairy performance,” says Greg Cannon, Mycogen Seeds forage portfolio marketing leader. “We breed our BMR and TMF hybrids specifically for digestibility and yield, and these new products are proof of that.”

Featured new BMR hybrids:

  • F2F345 features strong agronomics and good stress tolerance with excellent early development and ear fill. This 94-day SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid has great tonnage and Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (NDFD).
  • F2F379 is a SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid with a medium-tall plant and full canopy. This 95-day hybrid features solid agronomics, excellent tonnage and good NDFD.
  • F2F499 is a 99-day SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid with excellent starch, NDFD, ear fill and husk coverage. This hybrid works well in continuous corn or corn/soybean rotations.
  • F2F716 has high yield potential with very good agronomics and eye appeal. This 112-day SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid is a tall plant with consistent, semi-flexible ears.

Featured new TMF hybrids:

  • TMF2L395 offers strong tonnage potential and excellent disease tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot. Strong emergence and early vigor make this 94-day SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid a good choice for reduced tillage practices.
  • TMF2Q428 is a 96-day SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid with a full canopy and great eye appeal. Featuring excellent NDFD, starch scores, ear fill and husk coverage, TMF2Q428 performs best at moderate to high plant densities.
  • TMF2Q496 features good late-season staygreen that extends the window for harvest. As a 99-day SmartStax® Refuge Advanced® hybrid, TMF2Q496 has excellent husk coverage and consistent ear fill.
  • TMF2L537 is a tall hybrid with medium ear placement and attractive eye appeal. Featuring SmartStax Refuge Advanced technology, this 101-day hybrid offers great early season vigor and excellent yield and quality.
  • TMF2H708 is an attractive plant with high-tonnage potential. This 109-day hybrid features good drought-stress tolerance, moderately soft kernel texture and good starch levels with SmartStax Refuge Advanced technology.
  • TMF2H749 has very high tonnage potential and produces a tall, attractive plant with flex ears.TMF2H749 is a 113-day SmartStax® Refuge Advanced® hybrid with a soft kernel texture and very good starch levels.
  • TMF2L875 has good NDFD scores and produces a very tall plant with high tonnage. This SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid has a 118-day relative maturity and flexible ears.
  • TMF2H920 is a 123-day SmartStax Refuge Advanced hybrid. This tall, full-season plant offers high tonnage, excellent staygreen, drought tolerance and standability. The excellent plant agronomics of this hybrid will support moderate to high plant densities.

For more information about Mycogen® brand Silage-Specific™ hybrids or other Mycogen brand products, contact your local Mycogen Seeds dealer or sales representative or

Source: Mycogen Seeds

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