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Musqie Valley Farms Ends Year on a High Note

Musqie Valley Farms had their final classification for 2021 which was deemed an award day for them. Their current herd stats now sit at 12ME 9EX 29VG 10GP with an average score of 87.3!

Classification Highlights

  • Musqie Christmas Cactus VG88 2nd calf
    Full sister to Yankee Carabelle @ Yvon Sicard Pierre Boulet. Carabelle was 5th at the ’19 WDE & 2nd ’19 Royal Senior 2-year-old
  • Musqie Prime Chik Flik EX92 2E


Greystone Lightning Flash VG 85 2nd calf; owned with Bruce Fuller

2nd Calver

Dillman Unix Amber VG85 Abel Family

3rd Calvers

  • Dillman Fitz Panda VG88
  • Dillman Solomon Riet EX90
  • Dillman Dempsey Annabelle EX90 Abel Family

4th Calf +

  • Dillman Doorman Spizzle EX90 3E Spumante Family
  • Dillman Shotgun Ritz EX 91 5E Dam of Reit

1st Calver

  • Musqie Casino Alexa GP83 Asy Family
  • Musqie Casino Vogue GP82 Vixxs Family

2nd Calver

  • Musqie Premier Mackie VG89 (MAX) Martha Family
  • Musqie Joel Majorie VG88 Martha Family
  • Musqie Tequila Vos VG87 Sister to Joel Villetta
  • Musqie Casino Madonna VG87 Martha Family, sister to Mackie
  • Winterplace Tequila Gwen VG85 Sister to Joel Grace, 2nd Jr 2 @ 2021 National Jersey Show for Avonlea, Fisher and Jones
    Owned with Derek Isenor

3rd Calver

  • Musqie Matt Makala EX 91 Mamie Family
  • Musqie Joel Madia EX90 Martha Family
  • Musqie Joel Alexandra VG88 Asy Family

4th + Calver

  • Avonlea Colton Aphrodite EX 92 2E Owned with Briana Dillman
  • Eloc Iatola Matilda SUP EX 90 3E  FULL sister to Martha, Owned with Wynt Farms Dave/Helena/Kyley Cole
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