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Mosnang Holsteins Fall Classification Highlights

mosnangAn incredible Fall classification round for Mosnang Holsteins out of Alberta, Canada. A major highlight for the team was Mosnang Army Delight scoring Excellent along side her first milking daughter, Mosnang Altitude Dora scoring Very Good as a 2-Year-Old!

Classification Highlights
Multiple Excellents

  • Mosnang Bradnick Aloe Vera EX90 4E
  • Mosnang Beemer Reckoning EX92 2E


  • Mosnang Colton Zena EX90
  • Mosnang Army Delight EX90
  • Mosnang V Hero Waterfall EX90

2+ Lactations

  • Mosnang She’s Gone Viral VG88
  • Batesdale Topkea Jade of Fun VG88
  • New Mars Tatoo Araluen VG88
  • Mosnang Angler Kitten VG87
  • Mosnang Tatoo Ladyship VG87
  • Mosnang Unix Maddy VG87
  • Mosnang Jacoby Memory VG87
  • Mosnang Callen Windblowb VG87
  • Mosnang Whisky on the Rocks VG87
  • Mosnang Chief Apocalypse VG87
  • Oakfield Callen Radiant VG87
  • Mosnang Wilson’s Love Song VG86
  • Mosnang Chill Pill VG86
  • Mosnang Mirand Abercrombie VG85
  • Mosnang Macnut Line Dance VG85
  • Mosnang Callen Melbourne VG85
  • Mosnang Sidekick Lovesick VG85
  • Mosnang Crushabull Aloof VG85
  • Mosnang Undenied Access VG85
  • Mosnang Unix Crispy Crème VG85

1st Lactation

  • Mosnang Dropkick Lockdown VG85
  • Mosnang Altitude Dora VG85
  • Mosnang Bomba Slushy VG85
  • Mosnang Jacot Drinking Game VG85
  • Mosnang Dropkick Instagram VG85
  • Mosnang Dempsey Georgia GP84
  • Mosnang Dempsey Georgi GP83
  • Mosnang Altitude Club Car GP83
  • Mosnang Crushabull Woozy GP83
  • Sledgestar Master Victorious GP83


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