Morrill Farm Dairy Highlights Recent Classification Round

Morrill Farm Dairy Highlights Recent Classification Round

A hot day resulted in some hot results at Morrill Farm Dairy’s recent classification round! Fifteen Excellent cows were scored, six of which were new EX scores! They also welcomed forty-five VG scores which included eleven VG 2-year-olds in the mix!

St Jacobs Destry Anya ET *RC EX-94 3E, daughter of Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96 ©Morrill

Classification Highlights

  • St Jacobs Destry Anya Et now EX-94 3E

Raised to EX-94

  • Morrill Rager 3293 2E EX-94 @ 6 yrs old
  • VT Pond View Attitude Lace 3E EX-94 @ 9rs old just purchased in the VT Pond View dispersal

Raised to EX-93

  • Morrill Addiction P 3226 Et 2E EX-93 94MS
  • Morrill Awesome Today EX-93 94MS

Raised to EX-92

  • Morrill Hypnotic 3793 EX-92 (MAX) @ 3-7
  • Morrill Redburst Alexis Red EX-92
  • Morrill Diamondback 3491 EX-92

Raised to EX-91

  • Morrill Diamondback 3105 Red EX-91
  • Ernest-Anthony Fever Tickle EX-91

New Excellents

  • Morrill Ava 3949 Red-Et EX-90 92MS @3-0
  • Morrill Awesome 3772 Red EX-90 @ 3-7
  • Morrill Diamondback 3741 EX-90 @ 3-10
  • Morrill Awesome 3434 EX-90
  • Morrill Awesome 3390 EX-90
  • Morrill O Kalif 3328 Red EX-90

Very Good 2-year-old highlights

  • Morrill D Back 4047 Et VG-88 88MS
  • Morrill DB 4017 Kriss Red VG-87
  • Morrill Doc 4032 VG-87
  • Morrill Corvette 4041 VG-87
  • Morrill Artist 4060 VG-86
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