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Missouri is the First state to pass landmark dairy legislation

Missouri is the first state to pass landmark dairy legislation that enhances the dairy margin protection program contained in the recently passed federal Farm Bill. The Missouri General Assembly approved the “Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act” in Senate Bill 506 and in House Bill 1326. The dairy provisions in those bills were sponsored by Representative Casey Guernsey.

“For us, to take this measure, the first of its kind in the country; since then we’ve seen other states, since we’ve passed it out of the house, this year, take my legislation into consideration in their state legislative bodies as well,” said Guernsey. “I’m very proud of that.”

The state measure provides for a dairy producer insurance premium assistance program for producers who participate in the federal margin protection program. It’s something very close to Guernsey.

“We’ve had various other issues, but for me personally, having come from a dairy background, this is sort of on my bucket list of things that I wanted to accomplish,” said Guernsey, “something for the dairy farmer.”

Participating producers are to be reimbursed for 70 percent of their federal premium payment. The purpose is to create an incentive to increase dairy production in Missouri.



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