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Minnesota Milk Petitions MN Pollution Control Agency to follow 30-day rule

The Minnesota Milk Producers Association (Minnesota Milk) took action today against the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) regarding an extension of the 30-day comment period for an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) submitted by Daley Farm of Lewiston in support of their expansion and modernization project.

“Farmers need and were promised clarity in the permitting process, and this comment period extension was unexpected,” said Minnesota Milk President David Buck, a dairy farmer near Goodhue. “It is critically important that dairy farmers, like the Daley family, be afforded timely decisions from regulators when they seek to expand and modernize their operation.”

“Daley Farm of Lewiston has meticulously followed the process outlined by the agency in submitting an EAW for their project, including participation in a public listening session” said Minnesota Milk Executive Director Lucas Sjostrom. “The unilateral decision by the MPCA to extend the public comment period past the 30-days outlined in statute is concerning. If this continues for future environmental assessment worksheets, it could cause significant harm to livestock producers throughout the State of Minnesota.”

In addition to the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota, Minnesota Pork Producers Association, Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association, Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, Minnesota AgriGrowth Council and Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation are also plaintiffs on the petition.

For more information, visit www.mnmilk.org.

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