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Millions Coming to Vermont to Help Modernize Dairy Industry

Vermont is getting millions of dollars to modernize its dairy industry.

The $20 million in American Rescue Plan money will go to the state’s Dairy Business Innovation Center.

The center is leading the effort to help organic farmers dumped last year by Horizon find places to sell their milk.

The grants are aimed at helping farms build capacity and be competitive. Grant recipients will be able to invest in new farm equipment, expand operations and facilities, and find new markets for their products.

Federal agriculture officials in Vermont this week say the funding will help hundreds of Vermont farmers and producers.

“This is about bolstering a recovery and an American economy from the ground up and from the middle out,” said Jenny Lester Moffitt of the USDA.

Leaders say the grants will also help bring local produce, milk and cheese to institutions like schools and correctional facilities.

New Hampshire and New York farms will get millions to modernize their operations, as well.

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