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Millen Farms has great classification round!

Millen Farms from Ennismore, Ontario recently had a great classification round! Congratulations and see their highlighted results below!

1st lactation
Kings-Ransom Kingboy Cantaloupes VG 88 owned with Kingsway and JPb
Aleah Millen Naughty Ideas VG 87 owned with Aleah
Millen Sid Belinda VG 86
Millen High Octane Elliot VG 86
Aleah Millen Naughty Charms VG 86 Owned with Aleah
Glennholme Mario Merciless VG 86 Owned with Kingsway and Glennholme
Millen Doorman Brazil VG 85
Millen Solomon Blum VG 85

2nd lactation
Hanalee Gold Chip Marley VG 88 Owned with Kingsway
Kingsway Goldwyn A Toni VG 88 Owned with Kingsway
Millen Pulsar Jacey VG 86
Millen Doorman Rose VG 86
Kingsway Archrival A Penelope VG 86
Millen Wickham Spring VG 85

3 lactations plus
Millen Aftershock Rockstar EX 90
Kingsway Recharge Candle EX 90
Lolisee Sanchez Ray Ban EX 90
Millen Arbor Lori VG 88
Millen Steady Belle VG 87
Cherrycrest Brawler Lizzy VG 86

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