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‘Milkmen’ were waiting in Victory circle at Indy 500

INDIANAPOLIS – Every driver in the 2014 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race will want to make the acquaintance of two Hoosier dairy farmers on Sunday afternoon, May 25.And they’ll know exactly where to find them. Rushville’s Ken Hoeing and Muncie’s Alan Wright will be standing, cooler in hand, on some of Central Indiana’s most valuable real estate – Victory Circle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).

Hoeing, whose family milks around 400 cows on the 3000-acre Hoeing Dairy Farm near Rushville is the lead “Milkman” for one of Indianapolis’ most treasured traditions. He and “rookie Milkman” Wright will deliver the fabled Bottle of Milk to the winner of the 98th 500-Mile Race, courtesy of American Dairy Association Indiana, an organization representing Hoosier dairy farmers.

to quench his thirst after a grueling 500 miles in 1933. Hulman. 2014 marks the 59th consecutive year for the beloved tradition.

Hoeing Livestock Farms was established in 1947, and now three generations later, four Hoeing brothers are running the farm founded by their grandfather. The brothers milk 400 cows and farm 3,000 acres in Rush County. The Hoeing family is active in church and with the Rushville FFA chapter, which uses their farm to practice for dairy judging contests.

All Wright Farms is a fourth generation dairy farm located in Delaware County. Dan Wright and four of his sons are currently running All Wright Farms, which consists of a 220 cow dairy along with 2800 acres of crops. Family members are active in many community activities including Lions Club, church board, and school board, just to name a few. One unique thing about the farm is the Wrights have not purchased any cattle for over 60 years — all the milk cows are descendants of the cows the family had 60 years ago! The farm hosts school tours and is active in the community.


Source: Daily News

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