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Milk Production in December only up slightly from 2012

December milk production in the top 23 producing states totaled 15.7 billion lbs., according to preliminary data in USDA’s latest Milk Production report issued this afternoon, up slightly from December 2012.

The 50-state output, at 16.8 billion lbs., was down fractionally from a year ago. Revisions subtracted 32 million lbs. from the original November estimate, now put at 14.9 billion lbs., up just 0.1% from November 2012. Total 2013 milk output in the U.S. hit 201.19 billion lbs., up from 200.32 billion in 2012.

December 2013 cow numbers totaled 8.5 million head, up 1,000 head from November and 6,000 head above a year ago. Output per cow averaged 1,846 lbs., down 1 lb.

California output in December was up 1.6% from a year ago, thanks to a 30lb. gain per cow and 1,000 more cows being milked. Wisconsin was down 1.9%, on a 35lb. loss per cow as the cold and weather took its toll. Cow numbers were unchanged.

Idaho -1.1%, Michigan +0.8%, Minnesota -2.5%, New Mexico -1.8%, New York +1.6%,Pennsylvania -0.7%, Texas -0.2%, Washington +1%

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