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Michigan Milk Producer Members Take Home Nearly Half of All National Dairy Quality Awards

Twenty-one Michigan Milk Producer Association (MMPA) members were today awarded National Dairy Quality Awards, making up nearly half of the total award winners. These MMPA members were among 47 nationally recognized farms in the annual award program and were selected from a pool of 86 applicants nationwide.

Platinum Award winning Crandall Dairy Farms LLC in Battle Creek, Michigan. From left to right: Mark Crandall, Kelley Wagner, Thomas Wagner, Stacey Koyl, Brad Crandall. ©MMPA

The National Dairy Quality Award program recognizes farms who have produced high-quality milk consistently in three tiers: platinum, gold and silver. This year, MMPA members earned one platinum award, eight gold awards and twelve silver awards. The awards presentation took place today during the National Mastitis Council Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

MMPA’s large representation in the National Dairy Quality Awards is a testament to MMPA’s dedicated field staff and the hard work of the cooperative’s farms.

“This year’s National Dairy Quality Awards results underscores our members’ commitment to producing the highest quality milk possible,” Dean Letter, MMPA director of member services said. “The impressive showing of members in the award program is because of our member’s dedication to quality and their tenacity in overcoming the daily challenges of dairy farming. Congratulations to our twenty-one members recognized!”

MMPA offers a portfolio of member services to help members produce the highest quality milk possible. MMPA’s team of field representatives provide an on-farm partnership that helps each member achieve milk quality and herd health goals. MMPA also offers a quality premium incentive for its members producing higher quality milk. In fiscal year 2021, total producer incentive premiums including quality totaled $23.6 million.

The National Dairy Quality Award program evaluates farm applicants for measures of quality, systems of monitoring udder health, milking routine, protocols for detection and treatment of clinical and subclinical cases of mastitis and strategies for overall herd health and welfare. MMPA winners were nominated by their member representatives.

Platinum Award

  • Brad, Mark and Larry Crandall, Battle Creek, Michigan

Gold Awards

  • Don Beattie, Holton, Michigan
  • Jeff, Earl and Mason Horning; Katelyn Packard, Manchester, Michigan
  • Burke and Lisa Larsen, Scottville, Michigan
  • Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan
  • Tjerk and Ramona Okkema, Blanchard, Michigan
  • Mark and Jolinda Ramer, Hale, Michigan
  • David Schultz, Sandusky, Michigan
  • Kris and Carla Wardin, St. Johns, Michigan

Silver Awards

  • Charles Bode, Marion, Michigan
  • Michael Bosscher, McBain, Michigan
  • Ron Brinks, McBain, Michigan
  • Dale, Bonnie and Kurt Brinks, McBain, Michigan
  • Sam, Doug and Cheri Chapin, Remus, Michigan
  • Paul and Betty DeMann, Martin, Michigan
  • Steve, Phil, Kevin and Joel Gross, Weidman, Michigan
  • Norm, Kim and Derrick Hammond, Dowling, Michigan
  • Bill and Jason Hardy, Stanton, Michigan
  • Alan and Deborah Koppenol; Ken Raterink, Coopersville, Michigan
  • Allen and Aaron Slater, Holton, Michigan
  • Dave and Rick Tacoma, Falmouth, Michigan

The Michigan Milk Producers Association–established in 1916–is a member-owned and operated milk marketing cooperative and dairy processor serving dairy farmers throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. In addition to a cheese plant in Indiana and a dairy product plant in Ohio, MMPA operates two SQF Level 3 dairy ingredient plants in Michigan, producing butter, nonfat dry milk powder, condensed skim milk, cream and whole milk powder.

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