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Michard Escale First Cow Classified EX-97 in France

In early February, Michard Escale was the first cow in the French classification history to obtain the global score EX 97. Classified by Didier Thareau, classificator at Prim’Holstein France, working in Côtes-d’Armor (Brittany), this cow in 6th lactation is owned by Gaec Michard (22). A score that many thought unreachable.

Currently there are 1472 cows still alive to have obtained an EX global score in France. A figure that increases from year to year.

To tell the truth, there are 1471 cows to be divided from the EX90 to EX96 score, and only one cow, Michard Escale (Damion x Jenus) belonging to Gaec Michard (22), has just been awarded February and for the first time in Prim’Holstein History, the outstanding score of EX97.

Michard Escale  (Damion x Jenus)

72 261 liters produced in 5 completed lactations

Global Score Mammary Body Dairy Strength Legs and Feet
EX97 EX97 EX97 EX98 EX94

Michard Escale  classification score lactation by lactation :

1st lactation TB 88

2nd lactation TB 89

3rd lactation EX 92

4th lactation EX 94

5th lactation EX 96

6th lactation EX 97

Link to February 2018 best classification cows :



Provided by: Prim’Holstein France

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