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MAX scores for Maker Jerseys

It was an ‘epic’ Classification morning at Maker Jerseys with classifier John Peters! Highlights included 2 MAX 89 point 2nd calvers and a herd average of 87.3!

Maker Tequila Gangsta VG-89 ©Maker Jerseys

Classification Highlights
MAX 89 point 2nd calvers

  • Maker Tequila Gangsta VG 89
  • Maker Gamechanger Dora VG 89

VG 2-year-olds

  • Elliotts Casino Respect VG 87 daughter of Rosey for Lorne Ella
  • Maker Chrome Cuddles VG 87
  • Maker Smokeshow Olaf VG 85
  • Emerhill Casino Dirty Money VG 85 purchased in Jersey Ontario tank topper sale

New Excellents

  • Maker Ringman Fancypants EX 93 3rd calf
  • Maker Shut out Cabang EX 90
  • Maker Ringman Godiva EX 90
  • Maker Baileys Vanna EX 90

Multiple Excellents

  • Maker Minister Vavoom EX 94 3E 3 weeks fresh
  • Maker Grayson Gucci EX 91 3E
  • Maker Applejack Graphic EX 92 2E
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