Max Scores Junior 3-Year-Olds Stadview

Max Scores for Junior 3-Year-Olds at Stadview

Stadview Excitation Genesis & MJ Smokin Philippa started Stadview’s recent classification day out right, with both Junior 3-Year-Olds maxing out at EX-91!

Classification Highlights

  • Stadview Colton Delaney VG-87 (Junior 2-Year-Old)
  • Stadview Impression Jewel EX-92
  • Lost Elm Louie Ember EX-92
  • Woodmohr Jade Myla EX-94

Also, congratulations on successful scores to their boarders!

  • Lost-Elm Colton Escort – EX 91
    – 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old & Best Udder, Minnesota State Fair ’19
    – Owned by Kris Garbrecht & Jim Klempke
  • Schlecht Iatola Suzie EX-95
    -Owned by Kari Schlecht
  • Schlecht Iatola Sunrise -Maxed at EX-93
    -Owned by Kari Schlecht
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