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MASTERRIND Sire Summary December 2017

The December Sire Summary 2017 was again a very exciting one for MASTERRIND and has seen many new additions to the top of our MASTERPROVEN and MASTERGEN line-ups. With 2 bulls in the Top-5 for proven Black & White sires, 3 bulls in the Top 5 proven Red & White sires plus 5 bulls in the German Top 10 Black & White genomic sires, MASTERRIND underlines his position as the leading Holstein breeding program in Germany. In addition to these high ranking positions, MASTERRIND is proud to offer one of the world’s finest bull line-ups available today for polled genetics.

MASTERPROVEN – Daughter Proven Bulls

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MASTERRIND bulls in this field have stood their ground very well. Popular sires like Bangard, Weelder Special Force, Fanatic or Poppe Snow RF remain among the best German proven sires in December. Our flagship Heidenskipster Beart has added another 1,039 daughters and is truly exceptional with his now nearly 9,000 total milking daughters, mostly located in Germany but Poland as well. While remaining the #1 bull for RZFIT, RZROBOT and Feet & Legs, Beart has been able to improve milk production at the same time. Force, out of the world–wide respected Walkup Bell Lou Etta cow family, received 815 new daughters for production and gained 1 point for RZG and 2 points for RZM ranking him well in 11th place on the German top list at 143 RZG (RZM 137, TPI 2254, NVI 283).

The highest debuting proven graduate in December is the attractive Mogul son Heidenskipster Matchball (Mogul x Man-O-Man x Shottle) who landed strong in #4 position with 146 RZG (TPI 2489). He originates from the same successful Morningview Converse Judy EX-93 family like the #1 German genomic Doorsopen son Downtown. The very easy calving sire Matchball makes those medium-sized, profitable kind of cows with great mobility plus high quality, snug attached udders. Furthermore his super fitness traits are ranking him among the Top 20 RZFit sires in Germany (RZFit 133).

With Uecker SSire Joclassic (Supersire x Beacon x Jango) is another popular genomic sire graduating to proven status this round. Joclassic originates from the well-known Uecker Oman Jodee VG-87- family and is the full brother to the highly-ranked US bull Josuper. Joclassic’s December proof is based entirely on US daughters, while additional daughters will follow soon in Germany and worldwide. He is producing quality, trouble-free cows, which work well in larger free-stall environments while milking quite strong with higher components from quality, well attached udders (RZG 136, TPI 2428).

When looking for new bulls siring an outstanding production you should not miss out to check on the breed leading milk sire Miklas (Meridian x Snowman x Shottle), who boosts fantastic +2390 Milk kg on German base and +2281 PTAM on US base. His dam, Broeks Betty VG-88, is globally known since she once sold for $200.000. Miklas sires tall, dairy cows with correct feet & legs, a flat bone quality and shallow udders, which are very high in the rear, with a closer teat placement (RZG135, TPI 2386).

Dehorning cattle has become a standard practice in modern dairy operation. But it is one of the sometimes unpleasant tasks that need to be done. Therefore MASTERRIND offers you the option to eliminate this job by choosing the right polled bulls without sacrificing on the overall quality. The spotlight in December is on the exciting new, polled Snow RF son, Sosmar P RF (Snow RF x Lawnboy P x Storm) who sprinted into the daughter proven MASTERRIND polled line-up as the #1 polled sire in the German Black & White rankings. Sosmar P RF offers phenomenal production while his pedigree hails all the way back to the famous brood cow, Windsor-Manor Rudolph Zip EX-95 (RZG 138, TPI 2124).

Among the Red & White polled Holsteins MASTERRIND is also dominating the top rankings with the already popular sires Lostau P Red (# 1), Coloredo P Red (#2) and Cay Red P (#5). Lostau P Red (Laron P x Spencer x Canvas) from the Plushanski Cleitus Farci VG-87 family made a strong increase in December and climbed 2 points for production and 4 points for type which makes him the #2 Red German sire for RZG (RZG 140, 2025 TPI). Right behind him in third position sits the leading bull for milk production, Coloredo P Red (Colt P x Super x Pronto) from the famous Canadian Roxy family (RZG 138, TPI 2031). Both, Lostau P and Coloredo P, rank with +4% Non-Return Rate among MASTERRIND’s best bulls for sire fertility. Our Red, polled group is complemented by Cay Red P (Cold P x Jotan x September) who offers high production from good udders along with the perfect combination of the Kappa Casein genotype BB and the Beta Casein genotype A2A2 (RZG 130, TPI 1925).

MASTERGEN – Genomic bulls

The MASTERGEN bull power continues to dominate the German genomic top lists in December. No less than 10 (!) MASTERGEN sires have made it into the new Top 20 bull list in Germany!

First to name is the Lighter son Lightstar (Lighter x Model x Goldday), who is making a fantastic debut by jumping into #2 position for Total Merit Index at 162 RZG in Germany plus he is the #1 bull for daughter fertility (RZR) among the German Top 100 genomic sires. Besides the great fitness traits he offers high milk and butterfat yield plus a pedigree without any Balisto bloodlines (RZM 148, RZR 130).

Our second highest new arrival Summerlake (DG Charley x Balisto x Mogul) grabs #3 RZG position of the German top ranking list at 163 RZG. The #1 son of Charley boosts outstanding butterfat along with highest figures for udder health and longevity plus he is a calving ease sire (RZM 151, ISU 211).

The already popular Bestboss son Bestday (Bestboss x Balisto x Emerald) from the Wilcoxview Rudi Cali EX-92 family stays firm at #5 place for RZG in Germany (RZG 161). Bestday transmits outstanding milk solids from exceptional udders & ranks high on almost all European bases (PLI 721, ISU 202).

Last rounds highest genomic graduate, K&L JT Jameson (Jetset x Balisto x Man-O Man), remains strong in the German Top 10 (#7) and still is the best German son of Jetset. As a member of the successful Tui Onyx Nick family he breeds medium-sized cows with lots of production from exceptional udders and combines that with top longevity, good udder health & calving ease (RZG 161, 333 NVI).

Leading out our popular group of Battlecry sons is Barkeeper (Battlecry x Galaxy x Beacon), who ranks also as #1 Battlecry son in Germany in December at remarkable 161 RZG. The well-known descendent of the successful cow family of Fly-Higher Oman Stutter EX-90 is a true component specialist and his popularity is rising as he ranks well all across Europe (ISU 216, NVI 336, 3796 PFT). KNS Barabo (Battlecry x Balisto x Shamrock) who is originating from the well-known “D” family at Niermann is not only the second highest of a larger number of German Battlecry sons, he is also in Germany’s leading position for longevity among the Top 100 bulls at 143 RZN. On top of that Barabo is a European leader as his proof level is sky-high nearly everywhere (PFT 4136, PLI 761, NVI 365).

Another strong debut was made by Keith (Kerrigan x Balisto x Goldship) who did catapult himself into the German Top 15 for RZG based on excellent figures all across the board (RZG 160, ISU 226). Our second best Kerrigan son is Keyword (Kerrigan x Supershot x Headliner), whose pedigree is going back to the famous brood cow Morningview Converse Judy EX-93. Keyword sports a breath-taking level of milk production (+2227 kg) along with a desirable shallow udders transmission (RZG 157).

With Larcrest Kenley (Kerrigan x Silver x Shan) from the great Cosmopolitan’s (GTPI 2742) and SHA Kakadu (Kerrigan x Nominee x Punch) from the Ronelee Outside Dabble family (GTPI 2642), MASTERRIND offers two more exciting Kerrigan sons who are ranking particularly well on US base.

Our strong group of Modesty sons is now led by Ar-Joy Cu Mod A-TEAM (Modesty x Damaris x Numero Uno), who ranks as #2 German Modesty son and hails from the top cow family of Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia-ET EX-91 (RZG 154, GTPI 2752, NM$ 871). Next to name is S-S-I Modesty Jazz (Modesty x Kingpin x Supersire), whose global attraction as a great all-round package bull is unbroken as he ranks well on many different bases world-wide (GTPI 2718, ISU 217, 3312 LPI, RZG 146). Finally Bacon Hill Montgomery (Modesty x Kingboy x Numero Uno) from the renowned family of Unique-Style Bolton Money EX-93, the dam of Montross, is benefiting from a significant TPI gain climbing up to 2820 GTPI (RZG 146) and will be used as sire of sons for several international breeding programs.

Backed by a maternal line of Excellence both MHD Joyness (Jedi x EX Headliner x EX Dorcy) and his maternal brother MHD Lightline (Sire Lighter) are gaining international recognition every day. The two descendants from the Hendel Durham Mitzi EX-90 cow family combine highest milk yield with excellent udders and do rank with 2750 GTPI and 2632 GTPI, respectively, remarkably well on US base.

The high profile Doorman son Ptit Coeur Doorman Darlingo from DH Gold Chip Darling EX-94, is leading once again the German top ranking for overall type at 148 RZE (PTAT 3,00).

The group of world-class type sires from MASTERRIND is rounded up in December by Loh Dice Red (Diamondback x Redburst x Advent), who is an early Diamondback son from the intriguing cow family of Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94 and sports an impressive RZE of 137 plus a striking PTAT of 3,49!

A Red new star arrival from MASTERRIND is Bonus Red (Bagno RDC x Debutant x Snow RF) from the Dutch Rita family, who was able to directly claim second place in the German top list of Red sires at 153 RZG! Our highly popular Apoll P sons, Niermann-Schiplage Abi Red PP (Apoll P x Balisto x Epic) and BH Apo Red PP (Apoll P x Kanu P x Man-O-Man) remained in the leading position in Germany for Red, homozygous polled genomic bulls in December at RZG 151 (GTPI 2454) and 146 RZG, respectively.

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