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MASTERRIND​ Germany’s Sire Summary August 2014

The August Sire Summary 2014 was a very exciting one for MASTERRIND and has seen many new additions to the top of our MASTERPROVEN and MASTERGEN lineups. With 31 bulls each in the German Top-100 for proven and genomic sires every third Elite bull originates from MASTERRIND, Germany’s leading Holstein breeding program. Our large group of new graduates provides numerous options for tremendous sires from alternative blood lines to fit the breeding goals of our worldwide customer base.


Our breed-leading Baxter sonBakombre Bakombre from the Markwell Blackstar Raven family remained in the German Top 5 for RZG (#4) with outstanding proof levels for production and type while adding 748 (!) new daughters for production and 169 daughters for type (RZG 140, RZE 121, 2122 TPI, 2,10 PTAT).

The newcomer to be named first is Jucator Jucator, who gave an excellent debut as #9 of the German Top 10 proven sires at a Total Merit index of RZG 138. With his outstanding proof for milk production along with functional type and good fitness traits he also ranks extremely high on US base at TPI 2173 (PTAT, 1,58). Juca-
tor offers with Jeeves x Buckeye x Titanic x Rudolph an outcross pedigree hailing back to Braedale Gypsy Grand VG-88, the former Global Cow of the year from Canada. His daughters are of medium-size with sufficient strength & power and are built to last under all kind of management systems.

Particularly noteworthy among the MASTERRIND group of Top ranking Planet sons (Planty (#6), Planay , Planay (#18),Pikeur (#39) is PIONEER PIONEER (Planet x Shottle x Durham) since he was popular as a genomic young sire and used as sire of sons within the MASTERRIND breeding program. Pioneer received his first daughter proof based on 275 milking daughters and landed strong at a Total Merit index of RZG 131 (TPI 2160). The intriguing Planet son originates from the famous US cow family of Hendel Durham Mitzi EX-90 and sires medium stature, durable cows with plenty of strength, very sound feet & legs and quality udders. Pioneer is also popular for his great fitness traits including a daughter fertility score of RZR 118 and an exceptional calving ease score of CEd 117.

Joining the ranks of Germanys elite daughter proven sires in August is our first Man-O-Man son Marsian Marsian (Man-O-Man x Shottle x Ito) who started at #26 position with a Total Merit Index of 133 RZG (2043 TPI). The previously used MASTERGEN sire offers solid figures all across the board and belongs to the Regancrest Ito Isa VG-86 branch of the Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 cow family.

Shining on the newcomer stage this round is Hafnar, who offers with Hayden x Laudan x Jurmel x Ronald another exciting outcross pedigree. Hafnar is a high Sire fertility bull and debuts with a good level of production (RZG 128, TPI 1902) plus the ability to sire trouble free, profitable cows with great udders (RZE 123, PTAT 1.26). He traces back to the same well-respected Dutch Barnkamper Marilyn family, that al-
ready developed our Elite Bolton son Barnkamper Björk kamper Björk (Bolton x Oman x Sierra) who maintained great ratings for production, type and udder health (RZG 131, TPI 1926).

Two more uniquely pedigreed bulls who entered the proven stage this round are Boenisch (Bolivia x September x Ronald) and Calgary (Captain x EX-93 Outside x EX-92 Convincer x EX-92 Emory). Boenisch is a great foot and leg bull and combines that with a good level of production (+1475 kg milk), functional type and that hard to find 561 Triple A score (RZG 128). Calgary is a member of the well-known Melvina EX-93 family at Our-Favorite Holsteins and is a great type source (RZE 125, PTAT 2.56) as he transmits outstanding body traits, perfect rumps (Body 122) and beautiful attached udders (Udder 125, UDC 2.46).

Grabbing most of the attention among the new release type sires is Matulla, (Mac x Shottle x EX-94 Morty) who arrived strong at 130 RZG (2106 TPI) with impressive scores for overall type (PTAT +3.03) and udders (Udder 132, UDC 3.10). Matulla makes these stylish, angular, long necked cows and is truly an udder specialist. He is a straight son of the high testing Golden-N-Oaks Marbella VG-89 GMD DOM and additionally displays desirable values for all major fitness traits, particularly longevity and daughter fertility.


The MASTERGEN bulls continue to dominate the German genomic Top list in August. MASTERRIND’s hot genomic graduate Sunview Gold Sunview GoldDolph (Liquid Gold x Snowman x Atwood) from the Roxy family did catapult himself into the #3 position of the German genomic Top rankings with exceptional values for milk, fat and protein yield as well as excellent type and longevity (RZG 161, RZE 134). Closely following on his heels in #5 position is Pirlo (Picanto x Planet x Goldwyn) out of the Dutch Ebony family who is a production improver with outstanding marks for longevity (RZN 136) and calving ease (CEd 132 !) as well.

The previous RZG leader, Teemar Marce Astonishing (Maurice x Bookem x Shottle) slipped only one point to RZG 159 and sits now at #6 position with exceptional proofs for milk solids, fitness traits and udders (2307 GTPI, 812 NM$). Completing the German genomic Top 10 is Wendland Holstein Genestar Wendland Holstein Genestar (Genesis x Dorcy x Goldwyn x Shottle), the popular sire of sons, who performs well on all different country scales, boasting high production along with superior type and breath-taking fitness traits.

The major news, however, is the arrival of our three Elite Red Carrier bulls, penetrating into the German Top 30, all with the ability to improve a large number of traits for both Black and White & Red and White Holsteins. The Cashcoin son Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish RF is the #1 Red Carrier bull in Germany from a VG-87 Snowman out of the popular flush cow, Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90 (RZG 156, GTPI 2383, PTAT 3.23). Filou RDC (Fanatic x Elburn x Malvoy) arrives as the #2 Red Carrier sire and transmits similar to his popular MASTERGEN sire Fanatic Fanatic Fanatic outstanding fitness traits (RZG 155, RZN 135, RZR 127). Piano RDC (Phoenix x Beacon x Baxter) complements that illustrious group at RZG 154 offering tremendous production and the cow family of Kamps-HollowAltitude-ET *RC EX-95.

With Stantons Skydome Stantons Skydome (Sympatico x Man-O-Man x Shottle) MASTERRIND offers the #1 Sympatico son in Germany who is also one of the highest ranked genomic sires for longevity available in the German Top list (RZN 141 !). His Shottle granddam Wabash-Way Shottle Ellyn-VG-86 is a full sister to Wabash-Way Emilyann VG-88, the former #1 GTPI and CTPI cow in the Breed.

Our breed-leading genomic sires Mikkel (Mixer x Super x Berryridge Shottle 1270-ET EX-92) and Uecker Sire Joclassic Sire Joclassic(Supersire x Beacon x Jango), both moved up one and three RZG points, respectively. Mikkel offers a powerful genetic package of high production (+1582 Milk kg), great body traits along with superb scores for longevity (RZN 129) and Daughter Pregnancy (RZR 113). He is a super star also on US base with 2496 GTPI along with 2.9 DPR, providing a rare blend of high productivity and reproductive health.

Joclassic ranks high on both systems at 152 RZG and 2455 GTPI plus he has that very balanced genomic profile specializing in production, udder quality and health traits. The famous Wind-Knoll View Promis EX-95 family stands behind the three intriguing MASTERGEN sires, Willsbro Naberg (Numero Uno x Baxter x Durham; RZG 141, GTPI 2313), Willsbro Merandy (Meridian x Man-O-Man Pammy x Baxter; RZG 151, RZE 129) and Mr. President Drointon (Mogul x Man-O-Man Pammy x Baxter; RZG 150, GTPI 2389), who all have the ability to breed outstanding cattle. Naberg is straight out of Willsbro Baxter Pammy, VG-87, the dam of Man-O-Man Pammy and a direct daughter of Windy-Knoll-View Pammy EX-95-USA, the former Reserve All-American cow. This is the source for their great type transmission as Naberg boasts a RZE of 133 and PTAT 3.51 while Drointon ranks at RZE 131 (PTAT 2.83).

Stantons Earn Energy Stantons Earn EnergyP (Earnhardt P x Snowman x Shottle) sprinted into the MASTERGEN Polled line-up in August 2014 as the #1 Polled sire in the German RZG Black &White rankings at 147 RZG (2227 GTPI) and is a first class member of the high testing cow family of Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95-USA. Energy P is an elite production & protein sire that sports that quality pedigree together with good type and body traits (RZE 126, PTAT 2.73). Also of interest is the remarkable debut of another Polled MASTERGEN sire, Mr.Sizzle M izzle M izzle MoneyP (Cashmoney x Shottbolt x Goldwyn) from the Hickorymea breeding. Money P has the ability to improve type (RZE 130, PTAT, 3.04), components & heath traits all at once (RZG 142, GTPI 2163).

The Snow RF sons Burnet Red (Snow RF x Destry x Mr. Burns) and Soko-Red (Snow RF x Gerard x Mr.Burns) making the Red headlines this round as the #1 & #2 Red genomic type sires in Germany at 141 and 138 RZE, respectively. The high demand Sire of sons One-Red VCR Red VCR (Numero Uno x Aftershock x Goldwyn)completes the group of Germanys leading Red genomic type sires at 138 RZE & striking 147 RZG. All three “Red musketeers” display an attractive blend of high type, great production and desirable fitness traits.

Please enjoy studying our new active proof lists from August and let us know if you have any questions.

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