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Maryland Duo Wins A.C. “Whitie” Thomson Memorial Award

The 2019 A.C. “Whitie” Thomson Memorial Award was presented to Chris and Jen Hill of MD-Hillbrook Farm of Thurmont, Md. at the 2019 World Dairy Expo. This award honors a herdsman or showman who exhibits exemplary leadership and sportsmanship throughout the show.

Chris and Jen Hill of MD-Hillbrook Farm of Thurmont, Md receiving the 2019 A.C. “Whitie” Thomson Memorial Award.

Chris and Jen are no strangers to the colored shavings, as Chris has been attending World Dairy Expo since 1984 and Jen since 1993. The two passionate dairy enthusiasts joined forces when they got married and have since become an unstoppable team. Together, they have established and grown their business, MD-Hillbrook, where they market elite show cattle and hold sales. They use each other’s skills, talents and knowledge of dairy cattle to make a team like no other.

At Jen’s family farm, Glad Ray Farms, the duo works together raising impressive show heifers, many of which end up gracing the colored shaving at World Dairy Expo. They have exhibited their animals at WDE, the All-American Dairy Show and local, county and state shows for many years.

Chris and Jen are an incredibly dedicated team who set goals to succeed. They are both willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed. They truly exhibit the definition of sportsmanship in showing fair and generous behavior and treatment of others. In the world of showing dairy cows, Chris and Jen represent this no matter the situation, amidst a win or defeat. They have guided, helped and inspired many people throughout the dairy industry. Together they strive to take their business to the next level, to help others succeed, and most importantly, to never stop believing in the future of the dairy industry.

Serving as the meeting place of the global dairy industry, World Dairy Expo brings together the latest in dairy innovation and the best cattle in North America. Crowds of more than 65,000 people, from nearly 100 countries, will return to Madison, Wis. for the 53rd annual event, October 1-5, 2019, when the world’s largest dairy-focused trade show, dairy and forage seminars, a world-class dairy cattle show and more will be on display. Visit World Dairy Expo or follow WDE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube for more information.

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