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Maryland Cow is Grand Champion of the Premier National Junior Holstein Show

Savage-Leigh Gold Lona-ET, exhibited by Chase Savage of Union Bridge, Md., topped the Premier National Junior Holstein Show Monday, Sept. 9, at the 2013 All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg.

The 4-Year-Old, an Ex-92 daughter of Braedale Goldwyn was named Senior and Grand Champion by show judge Mark Reuth, before earning the top title.

“This cow exhibits a high quality, ideal udder with exceptional feet and legs. She is just an overall phenomenal cow,” said Reuth.

Reserve Grand Champion and Senior Champion went to 5-Year-Old, J & K Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET exhibited by Doug Boop, Millmont, Pa.

Heart&Soul Dundee Rhyme, a winter yearling shown by Matt Boop, 14, Millmont, Pa., was named Junior Champion Holstein. Reserve Junior Champion went to McWilliams Damion Shine exhibited by Kayla Umbel of Emmitsburg, Pa.

Pennwood Dundee Turnip exhibited by Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Berlin, Pa was the Best Bred and Owned by Exhibitor. The Intermediate Champion was Senior 3-Year-Old, Elm-Spring TyStry Saxton exhibited by Kyle Vanderfeltz from Lawton, Pa. James Dunn and his Junior 3-Year-Old, Luck-E Absolute Tango from New Ringgold picked up Reserve Junior Champion.

First place winners of the Premier National Junior Holstein Show:

Spring Heifer Calf – Windy-Knoll-View Prussia-ET, Bradley Richman, Mannington, N.J.
Winter Heifer Calf – Savage-Leigh Alex Lacey-ET, Miranda Iager, Woodbine, Md.
Fall Heifer Calf – Heart&Soul DD Remember-ET, Jaylene S Lesher, Bernville, Pa.
Summer Yearling Heifer – J&K Vue Lavangaurd Gretchen, Doug Boop, Milllmont, Pa.
Spring Yearling Heifer – Highlight Titan Beauty, Olivia Finke, London, Oh.
Winter Yearling Heifer – Heart&Soul Dundee Rhyme-ET, Matt Boop, Millmont, Pa.
Fall Yearling Heifer (Not in Milk) – Dunnis-Pride Fver Cadence-ET, James Dunn, New Ringgold, Pa.
Dry Cow – Seldomrest-F Elvis Twinkle, Elizabeth Ann Acel, Guys Mills, Pa.
Yearling Heifer in Milk – Savage-Leigh L Fever, Jordan Zimmerman, East Earl, Pa.
Junior 2-Year-Old – Heart&Soul CS Roxanne-ET, Matt Boop, Millmont, Pa.
Senior 2-Year-Old – J & K Vue Atwoods Greatest-ET, Doug Boop, Millmont, Pa.
Junior 3-Year-Old – Luck-E Absolute Tango, James Dunn, New Ringgold, Pa.
Senior 3-Year-Old – Elm-Spring TyStry Saxton, Kyle Vanderfeltz, Lawton, Pa.
4-Year-Old – Savage-Leigh Gold Lona-ET, Chase Savage, Union Bridge, Md.
5-Year-Old – J & K Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET, Doug Boop, Millmont, Pa.
6-Years-Old & Older – Linden-Loch Damion Delila, Doug Boop, Millmont, Pa.
125,000 lb. – Heart&Soul Reggie Regina-ET1,Doug Boop, Millmont, Pa.

The 50th All-American Dairy Show, the world’s largest dairy show, runs Sept. 7-12 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. This year’s show features 23 shows in six days, the Nation’s only all-dairy antiques show, nearly 3,000 animals and 2,000 exhibitors from across the nation. For more information, visit or call 717-787-2905.

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