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Mark Comfort Named 2022 World Dairy Expo International Person of the Year

Congratulations to Mark Comfort of Ontario, Canada on being named the 2022 World Dairy Expo International Person of the Year. Mark is the name behind the success of Udder Comfort, Comfort Holsteins and Comfort Tunis.

This award is presented in recognition of an individual’s excellence in research, development, education, marketing, manufacturing or other fields, which are a part of an industry or institution that provides goods or services to the dairy industry. A resident of the United States, this award recipient may be an active dairy producer whose primary achievements are industry focused.

Past Winners
2022 Mark Comfort, Cardinal, Ontario, Canada
2020 Wijnand Pon, Garnwerd, Groningen, Netherlands
2019 Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno, Santo Domingo, DN, Dominican Republic
2018 Alastair Pearson, Beijing, China
2017 Derrick Frigot, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom
2015 Kevin D. Lang, Howick, South Africa
2014 Lowell D. Lindsay, Guelph, ON, Canada
2013 Pedro Hugo Testa, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012 Dr. Abelardo Martinez, Tlalnepantla, Mexico*
2011 Mrs. Anne Perchard, St. Martin, Jersey, C.I., United Kingdom
2010 Mr. Tadanaga Komori, Hokkaido, Japan
2009 Dr. Jan Philipsson, Uppsala, Sweden
2008 Dr. Hubertus Diers, Altenberge, Westfalia Germany
2007 Dr. Juan A. Debernardi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006 Dr. Joao Floriano Casagrande, Barretos, SP, Brazil
2005 Shinichiro Nosawa, Tokyo, Japan*
2004 Gonzalo Maldonado Gomez , Bogota, Colombia
2003 Peter Padfield, Essex, United Kingdom
2002 James Thwaites, Taranaki, New Zealand
2001 Pieter Nicholas Pentz, Cape Town, South Africa
2000 Heinrich Meli, Switzerland
1999 Holger Moritz Hansen, Kerteminde, Denmark
1998 Jan Bierma & Han Hopman, Steins, Holland
1997 Dr. (Miss) Amrita Patel, Vallabh Vidyanagar, India
1996 Robert H. Rumler, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States*
1995 Jake Chardon, The Netherlands
1994 John Edward Moffitt, United Kingdom
1993 Verghese Kurien, Calicut, India
1992 Roland Singy, Posieux, Switzerland
1991 Gonzalo F. Cevallos, Urueta, Queretaro, Mexico
1990 Julio R. Brouwer, Key Biscayne, Florida, United States*
1989 Lajos Szaleczky, Budapest, Hungary
1988 Giuseppe Santus, Brescia, Italy
1987 George Murray Clemons, Brantford, Ontario, Canada*
1986 Gunther Rath, West Germany
1985 Maria Stolzman, Warsaw, Poland
1984 Tsutomu Utsunomiya, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
1983 Gustav Wilke, Fockinghausen, West Germany
1982 Galo Plaza, Quito, Ecuador*

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