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Marbrae Rockstar’s Raindrop Scores EX-93 with a EX-95MS

Marbrae Rockstar’s Raindrop EX93 95MS
Dam: marbrae Burdette Rain VG-86-2YR
Gdam: marbrae Calimero’s Reality EX-91-2E 6*
3rd dam: Marbrae SS Rae VG-85
4th dam: Isle Andrea VG-86
5th dam : Marbrae HG Annie EX-91-7E-2*
6th dam: Rebel VG-85-2*

When you’re least expecting it, good things tend to come your way! That is definitely the case for Entreprises Marbrae Inc., after their latest classification round gave them two MAX scores from the same family and Expo Ormstown Grand Champion, Marbrae Rockstar’s Raindrop gained 2 points with a final score of EX-93! In total 34 cows were scored with shareworthy results!

Classification Highlights
1st lactation

  • Marbrae Tuxedo’s Pretty VG87 MAX
  • Marbrae Clicker’s Milehigh VG86
  • Marbrae Sittler’s Crush VG86
  • Marbrae Athenos Celebrity VG85
  • Marbrae Kilovolt’s Abby VG85
  • Marbrae Sittler’s Phoenix VG85
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Porcelain VG85
  • Marbrae Renoir’s Rainstar GP84
  • Marbrae Renoir’s Remi GP84
  • Marbrae Athenos Marilynn GP84
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Ambrosia GP83
  • Marbrae Idol’s Parasol GP83
  • Marbrae Tuxedo’s Dynamite GP82
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Lawrencia GP82
  • Marbrae Kilovolt’s Kickstart GP80

2nd lactation

  • Marbrae Vision’s Peplum VG89 MAX 91MS
    This is Peplum’s second time scoring MAX score, she was VG87 as first calver also!
  • Marbrae Imagine’s Regina VG88
  • Marbrae Bigstar’s Elsa VG88
  • Marbrae Amazing’s Becky VG88
  • Marbrae Durango’s Rose VG87
  • Marbrae Rebellion’s Porter VG86
  • Marbrae Rebellion’s Posh VG85
  • Marbrae Bigstar’s Prosper VG85

3rd lactation +

  • Marbrae Amazing’s Ivory VG87
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Raindrop EX93-2E (+2 points) 95MS 93F&L
  • Marbrae Jumper’s Macchiato EX91
  • Marbrae Bigstar’s Rainbow EX90
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Reyna EX91-2E
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Diva EX90-2E
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Mocaccino EX91-3E
  • Marbrae Costa Rica EX90-2E
  • Marbrae Oblique’s Cambridge EX92-5E
  • Marbrae Bigstar’s Prada EX91-2E (co-owned with Chris Nieuwenhof)
  • Kellcrest Sweetstuff EX90-2E (co-owned with Chris Nieuwenhof)
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