Maplevue Farms will be giving away a Holstein calf in support of World Milk Day

Maplevue Farms will be giving away a Holstein calf in support of World Milk Day

A Listowel, Ontario radio station is running a day of programming focused on the local dairy industry for World Milk Day on June 1, with a chance for listeners to win what is perhaps one of the strangest radio-giveaway prizes ever offered – a Holstein calf.

In the two weeks leading up to the station’s live broadcast from the dairy barn at Maplevue Farms in North Perth on World Milk Day – first recognized in 2001 to celebrate the dairy industry – listeners will have an opportunity to call in and answer a skill-testing question that could win them a calf, or the proceeds from the sale of that calf at auction.

“We have the largest number of milk producers and dairy producers in the area,” said Nick Cadotte, the radio station’s general manager. “So we wanted to celebrate the day, and a couple listeners – Dave Johnston from Maplevue Farms – reached out to us a few months back to discuss the possibility of celebrating the day in a big way and raise some money for a milk program in the local schools.  …  And then we had a client reach out to us who wanted to give away a Holstein calf. … It’s blowing up into something amazing, and at the end of the day, if you live in a one-bedroom apartment and can’t take care of the calf, Dave Carson of David Carson Farms & Auction Services here is going to take care of the calf.

“They’ll auction it off, and then you’ll get the funds from it. This one should go for anywhere from $350 to $500.”

And while the calf giveaway, along with chances to win smaller prizes such as local cheeses and other dairy products by calling into the radio station on June 1, is quickly becoming a main draw for The Ranch’s World Milk Day programming, Cadotte said the real focus should be on the importance of the local dairy industry and its impact on Perth County communities.

“On June 1, we will be broadcasting live from the Maplevue dairy barn on top of their milking machine. We’re going to have interviews with MPs, MPPs, the agricultural school at Guelph Ridgetown College. We just want to celebrate an industry we couldn’t live without, so many off-the-farm jobs are created because of it, and we couldn’t be more happy to shed a light on that,” Cadotte said.

Tune into 100.1 FM The Ranch, either by radio, online at, Radio Player Canada or through the Ranch app next week for a chance to be entered into the Holstein calf giveaway. A portion of the ad revenue from packages airing on June 1 during the World Milk Day broadcast will be donated to a local school milk program.


Source: Ontario Farmer

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