Mac-Mara Holsteins Classification Results

Mac-Mara Holsteins Classification Results

“Great family and great friends make breeding and developing great family cows even better!” These words by Mac-Mara Holsteins ring true with their recent classification round! 

Mac-Mara DH Solomon Rip 3 EX 90 ©Mac-Mara

New Excellents

  • Greenlea Leverage Abbi-ET EX 90 (fresh 12/28)
    Leverage x 6 Generations of EX back to Shoremar Alicia..Maternal Sister JC at WDE
  • Mac-Mara DH Solomon Rip 3 EX 90 (due in sept to Denver)
    Solomon x EX 91 Atwood x Garstyln Encore EX 95
  • Mac-Mara Doorman Lilac EX 90
    Doorman x EX Atwood back to Savage Leigh Leona
  • Miss Windhammer Marissa-ET EX 90
    Windhammer x EX 95 Milkshake..due in June to Solomon

Raised Excellents

  • Atwood Rip (out of EX 95 Encore Rip) now EX 91
    due in Sept to Thunderstorm
  • Atwood Aw Shucks (VG Velvet x EX 94 Talent x EX 95 Milkshake) now EX 93..
  • Defiant Lynda (daughter of EX 95 Kite Linda) now EX 91
    due in June to Warrior
  • Picasso Jingles (3 gen of EX) now EX 91
  • Armani Tessa (3 Gen of EX)now EX 92
    due in Sept to Luxor

Raised VG’s

  • Atwood Pride (granddaughter of Pledge EX 95)
    due in June to Warrior
  • Solomon Artic Rose VG 88 (granddaughter of Shoremar Alicia EX97)
  • Awesome Lillydale VG 87 (EX defiant x EX 95 Kite Linda)
    due end of June to Artisan
  • Solomon Ayla VG 87 (great granddaughter of Shoremar Alicia EX 97)
    due in Sept to Denver
  • Solomon Lucky VG 87 (EX 93 Savage x VG Wisconsin X EX Sept Storm Lima)
  • Solomon Loretta VG 87 (backed by 9 Gen of EX)
    Due in June to Addison
  • Loaded Ammo VG 86 (EX Atwood x Shoremar Alicia EX 97)
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