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Lynzi Named 2020 Canadian Cow of the Year

A feature in our 2021 Late Summer issue, written by Kathleen O’Keefe.

Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95-2E added her name to an illustrious list of Canadian-bred cows when she was announced as the 2020 Canadian Cow of the Year at the Holstein Canada Annual Meeting held in July 2021. Born into the 2x Master Breeder herd of Idee Holsteins, she is one of several notable cows bred by Dean Craswell from the Lydia cow family. Her dam, Idee Goldwyn Lucia EX-92 4*, won her share of shows in the Atlantic provinces and was named Atlantic Canada’s Impact Cow of the Year in 2019. Lynzi’s grandma, Idee Louis Louise EX-94-2E 18* also won the Impact Cow award in 2013, in addition to being an All-Atlantic winner and nominated All-Canadian 4-Year-Old in 2006.

Lynzi made a name for herself in the show ring from a young age – first achieving fame in 2014 when named Reserve Junior Champion at the Quebec Fall Show as a junior calf. Her career only escalated after that with numerous All-Canadian, Reserve All-Canadian, All-American and Reserve All-American titles over the next six years, culminating with a Supreme Champion title at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair in 2019.

With a top record to date of 5-07 2x 365d 35,064 4.5% 1576 3.2p 1138, Lynzi marries her outstanding individual type with high production. At seven years of age, she is a 1* brood cow, with her natural daughter, Idee Doorman Lysa EX-94-US, having already claimed Reserve All-American and Reserve All-Canadian Junior 3-Year-Old titles in 2019. Doorman Lysa sold for $130,000 to Elmvue Farms of New York in the Duckett Holsteins Summer Selections Sale. That highlights the popularity of Lynzi daughters, and there was spirited bidding on Lynzi offspring at the recent JM Valley Holstein sale, where several were dispersed. Her daughter, JM Valley Sidekick Lady, a VG-88 senior 2-year-old, brought $210,000 CDN and was hammered off to Budjon Farms, Peter Vail, Heartland Dairy, and Genosource. Five other daughters sold from $9,100 to $30,000, so on the day her daughters totaled $285,000 for her owners, JM Valley Holsteins, Rick & Shannon Allyn, Stephane Gendreau, and Frank & Diane Borba who have owned Lynzi since she was a yearling.

Lynzi has six other VG-CAN daughters and has numerous other younger heifers and calves waiting in the wings sired by Crushtime, Denver, Tropic, Chief and Alligator. She’s due to calve again in late August and if all goes well, will be strolling into the rings at the big shows this fall. One of her owners, Diane Borba, has only praise for the white cow. “She’s one of those special ones! I feel lucky to have been a part of her story over the past years. Joel and Mireille have given her the very best care and the very best chance to develop to her potential. She’s done everything we’ve asked of her – it’s been a fun ride and I hope it’s not done yet!”

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