Look to Accelerated Genetics for Leading GTPI® Sires

Look to Accelerated Genetics for Leading GTPI® Sires

Baraboo, Wis. (April 26, 2016) The April 2016 Dairy Sire Summary continued to enhance Accelerated Genetics’ lineup of elite sires. Producers can use these leading genomic bulls with confidence to propel their herd into the future!
The sires listed below are leaders for the Holstein Association Genomic Total Performance Index, GTPI®:

(Donatello x Mogul)  +2678 GTPI

014H007767 HENLEY
(Supershot x Mogul)  +2671 GTPI

014H007700 GLAUS
(Troy x Numero Uno)  +2657 GTPI

(Josuper x Mogul) +2647 GTPI

014H007714 HURRICANE
(Chops x Shotglass)  +2627 GTPI

(Monterey x Mogul)  +2623 GTPI

014H007736 DEIFY
(Supershot x Mogul)  +2621 GTPI

014H007743 NATHAN
(Yoder x Supersire)  +2616 GTPI

014H007746 SANDOVAL
(Silver x Supersire)  +2598 GTPI

014H007748 DEWARS
(Alta1stclass x Doorman)  +2596 GTPI

“Breeders looking for high GTPI numbers can be confident in using these sires. They combine a mix of solid traits along with a variety of bloodlines,” says Jess Peter, Sire Analyst at Accelerated Genetics.

Sires that rank high for GTPI will be designated with an orange icon on all Accelerated Genetics’ sales materials and website (www.accelgen.com). With customer’s needs in mind, Accelerated Genetics strives to be the producer’s trusted first choice.

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