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Lion Dairy & Drinks in Australia launches new why milk matters campaign

Lion Dairy & Drinks has launched a campaign to remind Australians why milk matters.

The campaign, Milk Loves You Back, is a behavioural change campaign that celebrates the goodness of the company’s Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters milks.

Launched on World Milk Day on Thursday, June 1, the campaign aims to remind all Australians of the natural goodness of milk.

The Australian Health Survey revealed nine out of 10 currently don’t consume their recommended serves of dairy, while three in five admit they are confused about the conflicting dietary information about milk and dairy.

Just 20 per cent of people were aware that they should be consuming about three serves of dairy every day and almost half (47 per cent) were confused by the nutritional benefits of dairy.

Almost a quarter of women and 15 per cent of men admitted that their main source of daily dairy is derived from coffee with milk.

Lion said there was a great opportunity for all Australians to reawaken their consumption of milk and dairy products.

It said milk was arguably the original superfood, as milk contains eight naturally occurring nutrients.

Backed by father of four and Hawthorn AFL legend, Shane Crawford, the national Milk Loves You Back initiative aims to support the dairy industry by educating consumers on the benefits of milks to ultimately encourage greater consumption with the call to action ‘grab some goodness’.

The initiative will see an eye-catching Milk Loves You Back logo added to Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters milks to grab the attention of shoppers, showcase the eight nutrients that naturally appear in milk, provide nutritional information for each of the nutrients, and, ultimately, reassure Australians nationwide that they are making a healthy and nutritious choice.

Managing director, Lion Dairy & Drinks Peter West said: “The Milk Loves You Back initiative is focused on putting nutrition at the heart of everything we do and forms part of our ongoing commitment to support the dairy industry across Australia.

“Research shows many Australians are confused about or have potentially forgotten how nutritious milk really is and the goodness it brings to all the dairy foods we love.

“With the launch of Milk Loves You Back, we’re reassuring shoppers that when they pick up any Lion Dairy & Drinks white milk carrying the logo they’re getting the goodness of eight essential nutrients found naturally in our milk.

“Ultimately, we’re encouraging consumers to rethink milk and dairy, inspire them to enjoy more of the dairy foods they love and hopefully come closer to achieving their recommended daily serves of dairy.”

Hawthorn legend and father of four, Shane Crawford states: “As an athlete, milk has been an important part of my diet, from back in the day when I chose milk at the pub, which earned me more time on the field.

“Today, as a father I see it being even more important for my kids growing bones, muscles and minds.

“My twins love milk and often sneak out of bed in middle of the night to grab some…I always let them get away with it.

“With so much conflicting information out there, it’s not surprising that people are confused about the benefits of milk and dairy.”

Crawford said the nutrients in milk benefitted muscles, minds, eyes, energy and more.

The Milk Loves You Back logo and nutritional information will appear across Lion Dairy & Drinks’ white milk products, including Dairy Farmers, Pura, and Masters ranges nationwide.

The logo and nutritional information will extend beyond white milk to feature ice coffee and flavoured milks and yoghurt products.

The home of the Milk Loves You Back campaign is a consumer-friendly hub with information about milk and its nutrients.


Source: The Australian Dairy Farmer

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