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Lely Aircon wind turbines now available in North American markets

Lely, a German manufacturer known in the United States for its high-quality farm equipment, is making its Lely Aircon wind turbines available to North American markets for the first time.

Acterra Group, headquartered in Marion, Iowa, will begin selling, installing, and servicing Aircon’s three turbine models, including the Lely Aircon 30, which has earned praised in Europe for its low noise, ease of maintenance, and high energy yields.

“Lely has an outstanding reputation among farmers, and the Aircon delivers the same quality you’d expect from this company,” said Acterra President, Tad Cooper. “We’re proud to be the first and only retailer in the US to offer this product.”

Acterra, located in the heart of America’s corn belt, is banking on farmers to be the first to adopt Lely’s technology, which makes wind turbines quieter, more compact and affordable.

“In the dairy industry, and across farming in general, there’s a big move towards automation,” said Cooper. “This makes things more efficient, but it also means farmers are consuming more energy at a time when electricity and natural gas prices are on the rise. Wind turbines can cut costs and help farmers become more energy independent—and in some cases, actually supplement their income.”

According to Acterra, Lely Aircon’s unique brand of turbines also makes wind-powered energy a more feasible option for industries outside of farming.

“Lely is looking forward to working with Acterra as their distributor for wind turbines in the U.S.,” said Lely Aircon General Manager, Andreas Aschoff. “Initially starting in Iowa and then introducing them across the whole of the U.S., Acterra will offer not only farmers the opportunity to become more self-sufficient and control some of their energy costs but businesses with a high energy use as well.”

Since 1958, Acterra Group, Inc. has provided equipment, manufacturing, consulting and specialized construction services to the energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and fleet industries.


Source: Windpower

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