Legendary Australian Bull 'Medallion' Passes Away

Legendary Australian Bull ‘Medallion’ Passes Away

The legendary Australian Holstein Sire Medallion – Bundalong Marks Medallion VG86 – died in late June just short of its 14th birthday.

Few bulls have been held in such high regard by the farming community as Medallion.

Photo Source: Genetic Enterprises NZ

Bred by Brian and Bill Anderson of Bundalong Holstein’s, Kongwak, Victoria, this son of another breed Legend, Informer was born in July 2005.

His breeding value contains many thousands of daughters and it still ranks among the breed’s best for mammary systems and farmer likeability.

Medallion entered service just before the start of the genomic era and was featured in the first group of bulls anywhere in the world to be marketed based on their genomic breeding values.

The recent Leading Edge Genetics Newsletter paid tribute to Medallion.

“Many sires around the world have been dubbed a ‘great bull’,” it said.

“The recently retired Holstein sire Medallion from Genetics Australia is one such bull.

“His ability to produce a cow that suits Australian conditions is unparalleled”.

Medallion’s breeder said Brian Anderson said: “I feel a sense of pride when I hear unsolicited comments from other farmers about Medallion daughters or I read positive comments about them on social media”.

Genetics Australia’s breeding and genetics manager Peter Thurn said few bulls since Judge had had the impact of Medallion.

“The consistency of its daughters and their magnificent udders cannot be matched,” he said.

“If I had to choose one bull to exemplify our breeding program and goal, it would be Medallion.”


Source: Farm Online International

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