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Legendary Apple turns 15

The queen of the Red & White breed, KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET, turns 15-years-old today! Apple, who is classified EX-96 4E, is a household name that has impacted the Holstein breed through her sons, daughters and numerous granddaughters, great-granddaughters and beyond!

Apple caught the attention of dairy enthusiasts in 2006 when she won the Black & White Junior 2-Year-Old class at World Dairy Expo, eventually being voted as Unanimous All-American. In 2008, she sold for $1 million in the Global Glamour Sale. Gracing the colored shavings once again in 2011, she captured Grand Champion honors.

The 2013 World Dairy Expo saw an unprecedented event in the middle of the Red & White Ring … Apple 3 (Apple’s clone), was tapped as Grand Champion; Apple herself was Reserve Grand Champion, and Apple’s EX-94 daughter Candy Apple was selected as HM Grand Champion.

The Apple empire is expansive. She continues to produce show winning daughters and type animals that are chart-toppers. The first 15 years of Apple’s life have been remarkable, and the Holstein breed is forever changed because of her impact.

Happy Birthday to Apple, a truly one-in-a-lifetime kind of cow!

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