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Lactanet’s 2022 Insight to Support Dairy Producers

Leaders from Lactanet Canada recently released their 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Business Plan reflecting insight and support for dairy producers in the year ahead. Presentations took place at the virtual Lactanet Ontario Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in conjunction with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) AGM. From communication and connection to transformation and evolution, insightful discussions focused on accomplishments and plans that support a prosperous and sustainable Canadian dairy industry.

“Connecting with dairy farmers, partnering with our industry and enhancing our governance will make our industry better and stronger,” mentioned Barbara Paquet, Lactanet Board Chair. “We were so pleased with participation in the first year of our on-line Resolutions process as we received 28 Resolutions and over 1,100 on-line votes. This platform facilitates connection and communication with dairy farmers across the country and I encourage producers to get involved in the next round of Resolution activity in the spring.”

With partnerships being a priority for Lactanet, Paquet highlighted two new industry collaborations in 2021. “Delivering on-farm proAction validation services for Dairy Farmers of Ontario expands a service of which Lactanet has been supporting in Quebec for more than a decade. Lactanet also relocated the Edmonton lab to the Alberta Milk office and it is now the most modern ISO accredited milk lab in North America.”

Lactanet’s Chief Executive Officer, Neil Petreny, recapped the developments of Lactanet’s herd management and genetic tools released in 2021. On the list were the new dynamic client portal called Mysite, Feed Efficiency Genetic Evaluations, eDHI, and several sustainability initiatives. “We will continue to offer a broad range of proven product and service options for all profit models and milking systems,” says Petreny. “As we build on advanced solutions to show dairy farmers what’s possible, four initiatives that will be introduced in the year ahead include the A2 Probability Report, Genomic testing for non-herdbook animals, methane evaluations and rewriting the Rules of Publication to reflect today’s realities with the integration of sensor data.”

From providing genetic/genomic evaluation services and DairyTrace, to raw milk payment and quality lab services for 60% of the country, Lactanet continues to demonstrate that it is more than milk recording. “We are at the table in many capacities,” mentions Petreny, “as the largest supplier in the country for herd management software, as a global leader to improve farm animal production, and to offer support for sustainability and enhance the livelihood of Canadian dairy producers.”

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About Lactanet Canada
Lactanet is the leading dairy herd improvement organization responsible for milk recording, genetic evaluations, knowledge transfer and dairy cattle traceability. As a farmer-run organization serving 8,000+ Canadian dairy producers, Lactanet provides the dairy industry with products and services to help manage their dairy operation for maximum efficiency and profitability.

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