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Lactanet will Host the Annual ICAR Conference

It is in the charming and quaint setting of the «Vieux-Montréal» that Lactanet will welcome the international and North American delegates who will take part in the 45th annual conference of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) from May 30th to June 3rd, 2022, in conjunction with the Interbull conference.

With its last presence in Canada in 1994, this event will be a unique opportunity to discover the many activities promoted by ICAR, its important contributions and those of its members and experts, to the quality and performance of the world and Canadian livestock.

Climate change is having an increasing impact on how we produce quality food. The sustainability of farms and the agricultural sector are at the heart of every decision at the farm and consumer level. Under the theme: “Share, Connect, Transform”, participants will address these current and future challenges through digital transformation, animal welfare and the environment. Other more traditional aspects related to animal measurements, bovine genetics and animal identification will also receive attention.

“This is a unique opportunity to share our know-how and expertise, to connect with international experts to transform livestock production by merging science, data and on-farm practices,” says Daniel Lefebvre, Chief Operating Officer for Lactanet and President of ICAR.

The preliminary program and information on ICAR 2022 can be found on the event website as well as the opportunities for partnership and visibility through this conference of great international influence.

About Lactanet
Lactanet is a farmer-run organization serving Canadian dairy producers from coast-to-coast. We provide Canadian dairy farmers with the tools necessary to help them succeed, overcome challenges and sustain global leadership for the future. Our team is comprised of 450 people dedicated to providing products and services to more than 8,000 dairy farms across Canada.

About ICAR
ICAR is international non-governmental organization that counts 103 member organizations in 60 countries. ICAR promotes the development and improvement of animal identification, performance recording and evaluation in farm animal production. ICAR strives to stimulate animal production around the globe that is more sustainable and efficient. Its objectives are achieved through the establishment of definitions and guidelines for measuring characteristics of economic importance.

For more information on this event, visit the event’s website or contact Ms.Geneviève Clermont, Director of Marketing and Communications.

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