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“La Pure,” set to launch in Punjab

La Pure is all set to launch its products in Punjab after having met with resounding success in the pilot launch in Ludhiana.

The brand promises its patrons 100% unadulterated and pure milk, which it ensures by using the latest technologies to milk its cattle, process and store it. La Pure came about as a result of a partnership between the PDFA (progressive dairy farmers association) and the PDS (progressive dairy solutions).The PDFA already has a membership of 6000 persons.

In a country where 68% of the milk does not meet set standards, brands like La Pure come as a blessing. PDFA keeps its cattle in extremely sanitary conditions and also houses them in climate controlled shelters. They were the first to introduce fodder management systems in India and also do a lot to educate farmers/breeders in Punjab by generating awareness about the latest techniques and technologies that are available to them.

The PDS at its end, has tie ups with CID in Belgium for clean milk solutions, OLMIX in France for the prevention of animal diseases and also with BERG and SCMITH for animal health and protection. Punjab today is on the national map of cattle breeders thanks to initiatives such as this.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Daljit Singh, MD, PDFA said, “La Pure promises completely unadulterated and untouched milk and milk products, by using the latest technology to milk its cows and also to process and store it.  They implement health management systems to ensure healthy cattle and a safe product. They also provide various farm management services and nutritional products to optimize milk production, reproduction and the growth of strong and healthy calf.  PDS keeps its cattle in extremely sanitary conditions and are housed in shelters that are climate controlled to facilitate maximum milk production.”

Milk is essential for our diet as it is an extremely rich source of calcium, vitamins A ,C & B12, Riboflavin, protein, iodine and all essential minerals as per dietary requirements. It is also a very important ingredient in a number of dairy products such as cheese, paneer and khoya, which Punjabis thrive on. India is the world’s largest milk producer. Yet, a large percentage of this milk is not safe for drinking. It is adulterated with substances such as water, urea, paint and even detergent. As such, the sensible thing to do is put your faith in brand like La Pure milk whose products are 100% untouched right from the word go.

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