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Kooyman family in shock after allegations of employee animal cruelty

Chilliwack, BC – On Friday, June 6, our company was made aware of allegations of animal cruelty involving a small group of our employees. Videotaped footage crafted by a former employee is in possession of the BC SPCA, which has resulted in an investigation. These allegations are extremely serious and we are devastated by the thought that animals in our care have been harmed. All employees involved have been suspended pending the results of the investigation.

Animal care is of primary importance on our farm. We have been working with the BC SPCA and regulatory authorities and will continue to do so throughout the investigation. In addition, we will be taking any and all steps necessary to assure that no such incident takes place on our family farm in the future.

These alleged actions in no way reflect the farming and animal care standards practiced by our family or by the dairy industry. As a farming family we are committed to providing the best care for our animals and have zero tolerance for animal abuse.

Dr. David Dykshorn and Dr. Rich Vanderwal of Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic regularly visit the farm and monitor animal health.

“We have had a working relationship with the Kooyman’s for over 20 years and can speak to their integrity and care for their animals,” say Drs. Vanderwal and Dykshorn. “Animal abuse is unacceptable on any stage and we actively work with the Kooyman family to ensure the highest level of animal welfare on their farm.”


Media Invitation

Media are invited to tour the Chilliwack Cattle Sales family farm on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Interviews with Jeff Kooyman will be made available upon request.

Address: 47749 Prairie Central Road, Chilliwack, B.C. The office is located at the east side of the property.

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About Chilliwack Cattle Sales

Chilliwack Cattle Sales Ltd. is a family-owned and operated dairy farm with over 3,500 head of cattle. Started in 1957 by Leonard Kooyman, the farm is now run by his seven sons and their families. Chilliwack Cattle Sales is Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) Program certified, which assures effective management practices and improved food safety management on Canadian dairy farms.

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