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Kingsway Windbrook Jazz is now EX-95

Kingsway Farms in Hastings, ON had the excitement of Kingsway Windbrook Jazz going EX-95 at their latest classification round! Congratulations on this great achievement and all your other outstanding results! 

Classification Highlights


  • Frealand Solomon Bonnie VG-87
  • Budjon Awesome Seabiscuit RC VG-87
  • Unix Timber VG-86
  • Unix Ruffler VG-86
  • Unix Winnie VG-86
  • Unix Armenian VG-86
  • Unix Academia VG-86
  • High Octane Drifter VG-86
  • Unix Risky VG-85
  • Unix Wendy VG-85
  • Unix Wicked VG-85
  • Unix A Faith VG-85
  • OCD Callen Georgette VG-85
  • Kingboy A Bossy VG-85
  • Doorman Erin VG-85


  • Knonaudale Doorman Mudpile VG-89 (now owned by Benbie, Robella, Zimmer, & Lakefield)
  • Doorman Anaheim VG-89
  • Sultan Zodiac VG-88
  • Solomon Lyric VG-88
  • Doorman Rowdy VG-88
  • Doorman Dangle VG-88
  • Seaver Lioness VG-88
  • Goldwyn Dee VG-88
  • Doorman Amuse VG-87
  • Byway Covergirl VG-87
  • Goldwyn Lavish VG-86
  • Doorman Dance VG-86

New Excellents

  • Sprucecho Smokin Georgina EX-92
  • Windbrook Norma EX-92
  • Solomon Arkus EX-91
  • Goldwyn Theo EX-91
  • Doorman Dutchess EX-91
  • Doorman Jet EX-91
  • Doorman Cider EX-91
  • Doorman Thelma EX-90
  • Goldwyn Elvira EX-90
  • Gold Chip Scholar EX-90
  • Windbrook Jazz EX-95 2E
  • Hendercroft Windbrook Gummybear EX-94 2E
  • Doorman Ace EX-93 2E
  • Windbrook Coffee EX 2E
  • Windbrook Roseanne EX-91 2E
  • Windbrook Eleanor EX 2E
  • Windbrook Courage EX-92 2E
  • Stanley Cup Macy EX 2E
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