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Kingsway Farms April Classification Results

Kingsways Farms in Hastings, Ontario hosted the classifier last month and finished with seven new Excellents – all from their famous Kinsgway Terrason Allie, EX-95 2E cow!

LAMBDA ASPEN VG-87 2yr, Arangatang EX-95 great granddaughter, now owned by Ralanes.
MILLEN LAMBDA CRUNCH – VG-86 2 yr old, now owned by Langer Dairy.
DIAMONDBACK ALFREDO – VG-86 2 yr old, now owned by Skyline.
MOGUL TIME OUT – VG-86 2 yr old, Arangatang EX-95 daughter.
LAMBDA ARGO – VG-85 2 yr old, Ace EX-94 daughter.
DELTA BROOKLYN – VG-85 2 yr old, Abba Dabba EX-95 granddaughter.
WINRIGHT UNIX TRIXIE – VG-89 3 yr old, 1st Sr 2 Ont Summer ‘22, owned with Smygwatys.
AWESOME JOLENE – VG-87 3 yr old, Jasmine EX-96 daughter, now owned by Ralanes
ATWOOD LUXEMBOURG – VG-87 3 yr old, Lizabeth EX-96 daughter.
DOORMAN JAPAN – VG-87 3 yr old, Jazz EX-95 daughter, owned with Millbrooke.
DOORMAN KINDRED – VG-87 3 yr old, Katrysha EX-96 daughter.
SIDEKICK TOUCHDOWN – EX-92, Arangatang EX-95 daughter, owned with Cherry Crest.
UNIX ACADEMIA – EX-92, Arangatang EX-95 granddaughter.
DOUGLAS TWILIGHT – EX-91, Arangatang EX-95 daughter.
UNIX KOREA – EX-91, Anaheim EX-94 daughter.
JACOBY TAYLOR – EX-90, Arangatang EX-95 daughter.
JACOBY TIPTOE – EX-90, Arangatang EX-95 daughter.
SOLOMON ATTRACTIVE – EX-90, Artichoke EX-94 daughter.
SOLOMON BANNER – EX 2E, Abba Dabba granddaughter.
SULTAN ZODIAC – EX 2E, Abrakazoo EX-92 granddaughter.
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