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Kerry Group Launches a €6 Million Dairy Sustainability Program

The program will support Irish milk suppliers in their transition to more sustainable farming practices

Kerry, one of the world’s leading taste and nutrition company, has launched a €6 million dairy sustainability program which will support the acceleration of science-backed sustainability actions and best practices across farms in Ireland. Over 3,000 farm families across the south west of Ireland will benefit from the initiative which will provide technical and financial support to the company’s milk suppliers to help them transition to more sustainable farming practices. As a result of these changes it is expected that there will be a very significant reduction in carbon and ammonia emissions, improvements in water quality and enhanced biodiversity.

Feeding a growing population while agricultural practices and dairy production are under environmental scrutiny is a huge challenge. Already one of the most carbon efficient dairy producers in the world, Kerry is committed to providing leadership in reaching science-based climate targets while ensuring the environmental, social and economic sustainability of farms, contributing to deliver a world of sustainable nutrition.

“Consumers globally want to consume food in a more sustainable way and it is important to examine how we can deliver dairy in a better way for people and the planet,” said Pat Murphy, CEO of Kerry’s Dairy Business. “Our Beyond the Horizon sustainability strategy sets out ambitious targets and our dairy business is committed to supporting our milk suppliers in the adoption of sustainable actions. Our milk-suppliers are already amongst the most sustainable milk producers in the world and we will continue to work with them to build upon that advantage and accelerate the enhancement of bio-diversity and water-quality across our catchment and in reducing carbon and ammonia emissions.”

“Our ambition is to reach over two billion people with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030,” he continued. “A central element of this strategy is a commitment to work with our suppliers to reduce emissions intensity by 30% across our supply chain. This dairy sustainability programme underpins our ambition to work with our milk suppliers in achieving these targets and in forging a sustainable future.”


Source: The Cattle Site

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